Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving all the lovely comments this week. We have been a bit busy on the farm and Blogging has taken a slight back seat for the last few days. The baby piggies are doing spectacularly well, they are boisterous and independent and enjoy living with their Mum, Auntie and step-Auntie. The chicks are now like 'proper' little birds and are off the heat lamp during the day.
The big pigs have all got used to the snow and venture out for slightly longer to mooch about on 'the white stuff''. Although Jack is having a 'big boy sulk' at his new batchelor status. The dogs are in seventh heaven, loving the walks and flushing out the pheasants from their cosy hidey holes. The cats.....well they are just sleeping, on and under the radiators for the most part of the day, apart from an odd forage outdoors on Archies part to catch a bird for dinner (keeps us busy trying to save the poor little things and return them to the wild!)
Us, well in-between trough thawing and feeding all the above animals we are catching up on paperwork, reading and a bit of television watching. We are new Midsomer Murder addicts, well it is filmed in and around our area, so we play spot the location. Good game!!
Lovely Hubby has also requisitioned the kitchen table, so we are a tractor-part paint shop. I am in the process of sorting out my stock in my little workroom, ready for a slight change of tack in the New Year and gathering together all my recipes, torn from magazines into a useful scrapbook to keep me on the straight and narrow in my vegetarian adventure.
The next couple of days are going to be complete days off (if we can), apart from the obvious duties with the animals, nothing of any description will be done apart from lounging and relaxing ....... I'll let you know if we manage it.
In the meantime I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, old, new, regular and irregular
A Wonderfully Happy and Peaceful Christmas.
May Santa fill your stockings, sacks and other receptacles with your hearts desire, and may you and yours enjoy this lovely family time together.
So a Very Merry Christmas from us all here on the farm.
Sue xx
Alan (Lovely Hubby)
Sophie, the Border Collie
Rosy, the Jack Russell
Toby, the Black Cat
Archie, the Fluffy Cat
Molly, Big Lovely and Jemima, the White Stars
Bourneville and Fudge, the Welsummers
RoadRunner and Speedy, representing the Speckledys
Dainty and Fluffy, representing the Hylines
Norman the Rooster
Caldwell, Isabel, Prudence, Alice and Little Lucy, the Lavender Pekin Bantams
Jack, Lottie, Lulu and Liz, the Large Blacks
The Piglets
Monty, Maud and Martha, the Middle Whites
and last but not least
Iris, Fern, Pipsqueak and the chicks


  1. Happy Christmas Sue. Many thanks for providing such a lovely blog over the year - one of my favourites.


  2. Sue
    You never named the ladybirds that have hybernated round your window frame.
    Lovely blog.

    When do we get a picture of your Christmas present to Alan. We have all seen Alan's naked chin. We cannot wait lots of love Joan xxxxxxx

  3. Happy christmas to you all..big hugs to iris and fern and pipsqueak..thank you for your lovely glimpse into your life..its lovely of you to share it with us...the girls get sooo excited when i switch on the laptop..they pester me to go to you first to check on the chicks and now the wishes to you and your lovely family...

  4. Happy Christmas Sue . The little piggies are sooooo sweet !

  5. What a beautiful photograph! My lady loves to watch the Midsomer Murder mysteries as well! She has rented most all of them! That's fun that you can try to spot filming locations in your area. Part of the fun of that series are the gorgeous locations.

  6. Have a lovely Christmas Sue, you and lovely hubby have been very busy recently so you both deserve a well earned rest. Hope your Mum & Dad have a lovely Christmas too. All the best. Sue x x x

  7. Gorgeous picture...and with all that beauty I extend Happy Holiday greetings to you and yours!

  8. What a beautiful photo, it would make a lovely personal Christmas card. Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a well earned rest.
    Jak x

  9. A very merry Christmas time to all of you as well. Thankyou for such a lovely blog read for another year!
    Hope you are enjoying the Midsummer magic and the well deserved feet up time.
    Take care
    Sarah xx


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