Wednesday 15 December 2010

Chick Flicks

Our gorgeous little Lavender Pekin Bantam chicks are now 4 weeks old, and they have turned into little balls of mischief and feather. The fluff is almost all gone and their wings and feet are fully feathered, now you can see all the under feathers all appearing.
They can eat for England and have learnt how to take dust baths (in their food dish!!).
They recently had their first tast of 'greens' in the form of baby salad leaves and they loved them.
Yesterday, for the first time, I turned off their heat lamp for a couple of hours (the central heating was on in their room) and I forgot all about them, until I looked up at the spare room window when I was putting the big girls to bed for the night and saw that the room was in darkness. I felt SO guilty it was the first time they had ever been in the dark.
When I went into the room and put the lamp back on they were cuddled together in a mass of feather and looked just like one adult Pekin, well that is until 7 little heads popped up with a reproachful glare at their forgetful 'mummy'.
Sue xx


  1. All together now, AWWWWW. They are gorgeous!

    CJ xx

  2. As CJ said...AAAAAHHHHh!!!
    So sweet, and such cheeky faces!
    Jane x

  3. I really am enjoy your blog, i grew up on a farm and had to help my father to seperate the chicks.they can move fast for such little creatures!

  4. Hi..the chicks are gorgeous..the girls are trying to pick out fern and iris lol..not sure they can..


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