Tuesday 17 November 2009

Wellies, Mud and Pigs

Mud and pigs seem to go together so well. Mud and me do not!
I was seriously concerned (being the townie that I am) that this amount of mud could not be good for pigs, but according to the vet who was here last week on a courtesy call, they are fine.
I, however, am not.......I hate the stuff, it sucks off my wellies, sticks to my jeans and makes the house messy. After I have been in with the pigs every morning (and afternoon) I stand in the big puddle that has appeared near the shed and rinse off my wellies. Then I take the dogs for a walk in the long wet grass using the tufts like car wash brushes to get some more mud off my wellies.
I am permanently attached to the hoover and the mop, the dogs have now (at last) got used to the routine of, enter the door, wait on the mat, get attacked by a mad woman wielding a towel, and then get a sausage for being good. They have the cleanest feet ever and by the end of winter will have little pot bellies full of sausages.
The pigs meanwhile run around on their pointy little toes loving the stuff, inside their house is immaculate (how do they do it?) dry and sweet smelling, not a bit of mud inside, when the straw near the doorway gets dirty they chuck out some more to act as a doormat.
The lovely Betty.
Maud and Martha having breakfast this morning. My wellies after dog walking.
I must take some tips from the pigs and replace all our lovely fitted carpets with straw!!
Sue xx


  1. that is so funny. They say pigs are very intelligent creatures?

    Gill in Canada

  2. Lol...me too being a townie I hate mud. My dogs are well trained when entering the house when wet and muddy, they just sit and wait for the towel! if it is raining too hard like this weekend they will not even go out.
    the pigs look very happy though!
    Carol x

  3. Oh dear, being 'permanently attached to the hoover and mop' does not sound fun. But the pigs are so, soooo lovely!! And such great names!
    Love Charlotte

  4. Aaahhh clever pigs! Just chuckling to myself with the thought of your floors being strawed instead of carpeted!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  5. Ah Ha! Thanks for that top tip - straw in the kitchen and hallway from now on... I wonder what the cats would make of it? Yesterday after my morning of preening the house, in comes Milly Cat (she of the black and white outfit) - at high speed bolting through the cat flap and skidding muddy paws all the way through the kitchen not stopping until she reached the lounge window!!!
    At which point, I reached (patiently) for a damp floor cloth....
    D xx

  6. Have just discovered your blog and can completely sympathise with the mud and dog problem!


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