Wednesday, 4 November 2009

No Post Here Today

What no post.....and we've come especially to read it!!
No post here today (and for once that's nothing to do with the Royal Mail!) but if you like having a nosy through other peoples cupboards (and who doesn't) nip over to my other Blog at .
I'm off up to my workroom now to make up some Christmas cards for this weeks Farmers Market in the village hall. Inspiration please strike me NOW!!
Sue xx


  1. What a lovely hen picture! Have just found you (should be working but am mooching around blogs instead, after months of being a fringe-blogger I seem to have hit the addiction phase!) and had a look at Lavender's Blue 2 too, will sign up to both as I love your style of writing and sense of humour and love to read about people selling things as I do that too.

    You're not that far away from me and I do sometimes come down to Oxford so maybe I could visit!

    Anyway, great to meet you :-)

  2. Love the chook picture Sue. hope inspiration hit! x

  3. Oh did make me cluck...haha...loving your blog.

  4. I had post today, which is now the 5th as I am a bit behind!! Thank you very very much what a lovely surprise x.
    Great picture of the chooks! Hope you have been struck fair and square by inspiration for your cards! Good luck for the weekends market.
    Sarah x

  5. SNAP ! take a peek at my picture at the hen house !!! not as many girls as you though. What a laugh they are !!

    Do you put vitamins in their water and how do you know if they are getting enough to eat !

    My feed looks like porrige - the last was more seedy like. I've taken to giving them wild bird seed when I'm out in the garden - they adore it & now follow me everywhere !!!
    " There's Mum " OMG I'm already mum to: two dogs, three cats & a couple of teens !!!

  6. thank you for all the advice ... I'm so new to all this hen stuff !

    I need to make Christmas cards too... if I can EVER get off the computer !!! One of the village shops will sell the cards if I make enough - I only made enough for family & friends last year.


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