Monday 2 November 2009

Goodbye October

Sorry Mum.......but how could I not use a shot like this?
October was a productive month here on the farm. We aquired three new residents, Martha, Maud and Betty, we sadly said goodbye to Mona, and we started on the mammoth task of putting the farm to bed for the winter. Not that work will cease, just that we are downscaling the amount of new jobs and rounding off all the half finished ones.
We had a week of help last week from our lovely Mum and Dad, who between them managed to plant loads of Leylandii trees, plant out our daffodil and tulip bulbs amongst the trees around the house and also pot up SEVENTY pots of bulbs ready for selling in the New Year, oh and in a spare few hours they had, they planted another 240 onion sets in our other raised bed.
And then they said they were sorry for not being much help!!!!!!!!!
" And this is what we call a roll of wire"
Lovely Hubby had a couple of days off work and got stuck in with gusto. Some mornings we did have a slightly later start than usual and the chickens and pigs were treated to the lovely sight below.

It's enough to make anyone lay an extra egg in shock!

The weather was kind to us and we got lots done, and best of all we did it together, all four of us, aided and abetted by 2 cats and 2 dogs, 11 chickens and 3 pigs. A message from Betty to Mum.......thank you for the bananas.. .see you again soon (and by the way I like avocados too!)

Looking forward to November....can it BE any better!

Sue xx


  1. I love to read about what you've been up to on your farm! You always seem so busy!

  2. Lleylandii? Eek! They are the bane of our life - the hedge grows so quickly & constantly needs cutting but there are far too many of them to remove them all so we have to live with them.

    Love the new rural egg collecting look!


  3. Can't beat a man in dressing gown and riggers! So are your new residents pigs? I'm pondering piggies myself (as well as geese). Maybe, just maybe.

  4. FAB U LOUS ... er are you totally SURE you want Leylandaii ???!!! They grow like stink ya know.

    No eggs yet but loving my darling girls - wot a laugh seeing the cats try to stalk them. Yer WHATEVA !

    The dog is in lurv with them xx

  5. Haha.......don't panic everyone, we know exactly how fast and how big Leylandii trees can get, but we need them to drink all the water that accumulates around the orchard to keep it drier for the pigs. They will be managed and thinned (and turned into firewood) as they get bigger.

    Sue xx


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