Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lots of lovely post

Friday saw the postman staggering to our post box with lots of lovely parcels. Well, some a lot more lovely than others!
As well as all the padded envelopes I had ordered for my little online business and the ink cartridges for all our printers (Lovely Hubby has developed a nice little side-line printing posters for the Christmas Farmers Markets on our extra large printer), I had some lovely goodies that I had ordered from some fellow Bloggers.
First a gorgeous bag from Pam at Hortensia, delightfully wrapped in pretty pink tissue and tied with a ribbon, and exquisitely made. Pam has her own online shop Hortensia Designs (access through her Blog) and there is one more left of this lovely little bag.
I am actually going to use it in my little workroom to store some of my treasures that are waiting to be turned into goodies for my Craft Fairs. I like to use pretty bags as storage as they inspire me with their craftmanship and design, and I can also hang them in the enormous wardrobe that I use to store my stock in. Of course the prettiest ( this one included) are hung on the door knobs on the outside of the wardrobe for added inspiration.
Also in Fridays deliveries was the lovely little heart pictured below that I spotted on another Blog, Tracys' Cupcakes at Home I saw this and new LH would love it. I gave it to him over a lovely meal at our local Prezzo on Thursday night. A brilliant start to what has been a lovely weekend.

Back soon.

Sue xx


  1. I love it when the mail lady comes with a big pile of stuff for me, that doesn't include bills!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. how exciting ! I had two parcels from Bloggers last week full of lovely goodies


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