Tuesday 24 November 2009

The Busiest Part of the Farm

The busiest part of the farm at the moment, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night is the area around our many bird feeders. We have two peanut feeders, one normal sized and one really long one, two wild bird seed holders, an apple holder and an extra large fatball holder (it holds 15 fatballs).
Between all these, the birds have a veritable feast. Plus of course they have the remains of any food that has been thrown around for the chickens, so all in all we have a very welcome stream of feathered friends calling on a daily basis.
Indeed the other day I was busy doing something in the house and all I could hear was a veritable cacophony of bird shrieks....'what is going on out there' I shouted to Lovely Hubby, he went to the window and said 'they are just complaining because all the peanuts and fatballs have gone' I'd only filled them two days before!!
A new and very welcome visitor is our friend the Greater Spotted Woodpecker. At first we couldn't identify him and had to refer to my lovely little book 'Graves Garden Birds' from where this picture was taken. Everytime we spot him I make a mad dash for the camera and try to get him in my sights and ALWAYS at the very last minute, as I click he flies away leaving me a photograph of a bird empty peanut feeder.
He seems to love the peanuts, he discovered the holder when we had accidently left it empty for a couple of days and the last couple of peanuts were stuck in the middle where the tits and finches couldn't quite reach them, he of course, with his lovely long beak could, and since that day he comes and feeds on a regular basis.
According to my book, he is the butterflies enemy and the vegetable gardeners friend, so we will encourage him to stay around by keeping our feeders topped up, even if it is costing rather a lot of money!!
Sue xx


  1. I didn't know they were so good for the garden, though I guess most birds are really. x

  2. I love watching birds in the garden... although I am crap at identifying them! I used to have some regulars in the garden at the little 70's semi where I lived before I moved in with Mike in the summer. Just blackbirds and wood pigeons (love them) and a lovely robin, but I loved them. We have loads of birds 'around' here, it's a big garden, but I don't really know about feeding them and encouraging them because of Mike's cats..?? Not sure what to do really...

    Love Charlotte

  3. I love to see the birds in the garden.
    When we camped in the woods there was quietness that you could almost touch...the only sound was the birds and it was interesting to hear there different song at various times of the day without any other noise at all. Wonderful.
    Carol x

  4. How lovely to see and hear all those birds daily. I expect the chooks like clearing up under the feeders too!
    Take care
    Sarah x


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