Thursday 19 November 2009

A Draughty Night

Oops.....last night I accidently left open the chicken house pop-hole. Must have made for a draughty night for my poor girls. So this morning they are dining on warm porridge, cooked especially for them as an apology for the wind whistling around their perches all night.
One thing to remember when giving porridge to chickens.......stand well back! They peck it up and then shake their heads to get off the sticky bits, maybe thats how wood chip wallpaper was invented, feed chickens in kitchen, plaster the walls with bits of porridge and then paint over it!!
Special mix breakfast goes down a treat too, pellets, corn, mealworms and oyster grit!
Only kidding my girls get fed outside, where a splattering of porridge won't matter. A funny sight is the chickens that decide to stand in the porridge, they then spend most of the day eating porridge off their feet unless they can get a friend to join in!
Some just prefer their normal breakfast of layers pellets!
Once the porridge goes cold they lose interest and go back to their normal breakfast of layers pellets, the remaining porridge sets into a cold rubbery pancake and that provides the basis for the pigs tea. No wastage here!
Sue x


  1. Your poor girls..hope they are happy now you have fed them well!
    What a night...I didn't sleep well what with the wind howling around the house.

  2. Very kind of you giving hot porridge to the girls. I can imagine the image of them eating it.

  3. Awww, bless you for the hot porridge!

    Is that an Eglu I spy in the photo? They are lucky girls indeed!

    Love Charlotte

  4. Yes, why is it that hens prefer anything other than pellets to be warmish? Love the woodchip thoughts Sue! x

  5. My chickens most favourite thing is leftover pastry. Followed by pasta & tomatoes - they'll mug you for them!


  6. Hello Sue

    How funny chickens eating warm porridge, not something I would have thought of.

    I am sure that they appreciated it after their drafty night.

    Isabelle x

  7. Hello Sue, I am a first time commenter and love the sweetness of porridge for your "girls".. I am a country wife in the heart of Texas and for a small time we had lovely chickens. Racoons tore through them over three days and we decided that until we could get a coop built closer to the house we would wait in adding more chickens. I have truly enjoyed your insights into your country life in another country. Cheers!

  8. hello there ! i came here trough tracy's blog, and i must tell you, i just passed my mouse over your cute little "remember kitty" and he miawled. and my puppy went crazy !!
    lovely blog !!


  9. Oh I'm going to try that ! Someone else gives pasta .... since I've had " the girls " I've been too scared to give them anything other than the bought feed ! so....what else can I give them ?

    Also when we let them out in the morning, they head for " the great outdoors " ( our garden ) and by pass their feed

  10. thx for your reply...tried porridge with not much success ! Trouble is when they see me now they think I have a handful of corn for them !

  11. that is such a sweet post, makes me want to get chickens even more!!

    Gill in Canada

  12. Dear Sue
    So that's where the woodchip wallpaper came from!! I suspect porridge would be easier to remove from said walls, though...
    I love that your chickens have had a little breakfast treat following their draughty night. They certainly look content with their hot breakfast.
    Happy days
    Denise x


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