Monday 31 August 2009

Pouring over books.....

I find myself pouring over books and Googling non-stop at the moment to find the best recipes to use for our harvested goodies. In all the books shown above I just could not find a recipe for a good, simple, basic Damson Jam, so I enlisted the aid of fellow Bloggers.
Going onto Shirley Goodes' Blog I left a question in the form of a comment, and lo and behold a day later she gave me the answer, via another regular visitor to her site. So thank you AmethystDragon, no link I'm afraid I couldn't get to your Blog. I made the jam, a good simple Damson Jam and it is GORGEOUS. Today I am doing a variation with the Damsons and Crab Apples that I picked and I am also having a crack at some Bramble Jelly. This year we are keeping all the foodstuff for ourselves to see us through the winter, it's a sort of quality control so that when I can sell our excess produce next year I can advise people on the optimum keeping times etc. (Well that's our excuse for scoffing the lot anyway!!) This next week will be spent getting my lovely son sorted out and packed up ready for his year back at Uni. I am sorting through the cupboards and drawers and giving him all our extra plates, pots, pans and bedding etc. It's a chance for a good clear out and Spring (Autumn?) clean. He'll be hitting the motorway next weekend with his first load for his new rented student digs and I'll be doing a last Car Boot at the quiant village of Warborough with Lovely Hubby (as long as the weather is fine). There's something really nice about doing a Car Boot there as it's on the Village Green, surrounded by lovely old Oxfordshire cottages and barns and the atmosphere is always fantastic......... happy, jolly and fun, not one of these grab a bargain and run type of affairs. Usually there is a cricket match going on on the other side of the green and you have to watch out for low flying balls, but I think the season is over now, so we should be safe! So I'm busy, busy, busy, forgive me if I vanish for a couple of days. Sue xx


  1. It's that time of the year again, when ewe get out of holiday mode and a new routine begins. Jam making, harvesting, school, uni...It is a busy time. For me it means boot fair season begins again. Good luck with all your plans
    Isabelle x

  2. Hi Sue,

    You will be busy :-)

    I remember packing up and taking my brother to uni, all the bits crammed in the car for a 5 hour drive on the motorway!

    Have a great few days - hope the bootsale goes well!

    Rose XXX


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