Monday, 10 August 2009

Wow!! What a Weekend.

We have had SUCH a productive weekend. Thursday night was spent planning out the planting for the Polytunnel, at first normally and then later by candlelight, as we had a powercut just as it was going dark. So the chickens were put to bed early, baths were had by the fading light and we sat completing the PT plan and then talking until bedtime, then guess what just as we snuggled into bed the power came back on, oh well, an early night did us the world of good ready for the hard day to follow.
The front doors of the PT.
Up bright and early on Friday we took the dogs for a long walk and then got stuck in, me with planting the PT and Lovely Hubby with making a cover for the water trough to stop the leaves falling in, after that he made me a lovely little pathway into the PT so we don't walk too much mud in. He also filled with manure and topsoil the two beds for the outside of the PT. Then he went off to play with Boys Toys (more of that tomorrow).
View from the front doors.
The beds were marked out with string to follow the plan, so we could fit in the maximum amount of plants, seeds were planted, watered in and then with only one bed left to do I ran out of time. Still I will be able to complete that sometime this week. We have planted melons, cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, leeks, radishes, spring onions, cabbage and cauliflowers up to now, with more to be done in the last bed.
Cup of mint tea anyone?
A herb garden was planted, including rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley ,corriander, lemon corriander, chives, basil, apple mint and ordinary mint, with the mint being planted the giant teacup to stop the roots invading everywhere.
My lovely little pepper plants were planted at last, they have been living on the kitchen windowsill for weeks waiting for their new home.
And at the end of a long but fulfilling Friday we had baths, put on clean clothes and went for a lovely civilised supper at our new friends house in the village, and over a gorgeous home produced and cooked meal and a bottle or two of the finest wine we put the world to rights.
My reward for such a long day planting.......the appearance of our very first tomato!!
Sue xx


  1. It's exciting when all your hard work pays off and you reap the rewards.
    I cut my cucumber at the weekend..we have not tried it yet though!!

  2. Oh Wow! just found your blog, how lovely! My you are organised! I wish I could find the time! I am dying to hear how your pt works out! I would Love one, I am sure you will have great crops, Best of luck with it all,

  3. Hi Sue,

    You really are very organised with your poly-tunnel (I can imagine what a mess and jumble it would be if I was let loose in it lol - it would turn into a jungle I think!)

    I am very much looking forward to seeing everything grow :-)

    My tomatoes are getting quite big now, but still all green... We desperately need some sunshine to brighten them up!

    Rose XXX

  4. Hi Sue, your poly tunnel looks fantastic, I am quite jealous. I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour, and maybe following your lead one day.
    Bertie x


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