Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I've been tagged......

I've been tagged by the lovely Sal at that gorgeous blog Sals Snippets.
I have to admit to my five currents obsessions and pass it on to five more of my lovely readers.
Well here you are (in no particular order) my five current obsessions.
1. Rosy - the lovely little puppy.
2. Books, magazines and reading material in general. I seem to be aquiring the most amazing amount of paper stuff at the moment. I am in love with charity shops, Ebay and Amazon, they have been giving me such fantastic bargains and stacks of books and mags are building in corners everywhere. One day when the cold weather arrives I will curl up in the corner of my lovely big squishy leather sofa and work my way through them.
3. Blogging - I now have three to do and loads to read and every available minute I sit down with a cup of coffee is spent either reading them or updating mine.
4. Gillian McKeith - I know a VERY strange one, but I am determined to get healthy and clear my mind of lots of little troubles that have been bothering me recently and a lot of what she says is very good, I am watching re-runs of 'You Are What You Eat', I have joined her website and I have ALL her books, (waiting to be read when I'm not reading blogs). This will also explain the private blog that is not open to readers (yet?).
and lastly -

5. The most important current obsession is Lovely Hubby, we have been together almost five years now and I'm as obsessed with him as he is with me, when you find true love at our age you realise what you have and you make sure you make the most of every minute and I am sure he will be my biggest and most enduring obsession ever.
I would like to tag the first five people to leave a comment on this post, please feel free to copy the little picture and tell us your 5 current obsessions, whether they be serious or funny. Have fun, take up the challenge and keep this little tag going.
Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.
Sue xx


  1. Number 5 is such a lovely thing to say!
    Hope you've had a great day!
    Sal x

  2. Hello Sue
    Fascinating obsessions, and I agree with Sal - your obsession with your beloved is just delightful ! Like you I am a big, BIG fan of any kind of reading material.... there's just not enough bookcases for it all though!
    Have a good weekend.
    Denise x


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