Monday 17 August 2009

A Lovely Weekend

Colin and Fran - Congratulations.
We have just had THE BEST weekend for ages.
Saturday morning saw us all up bright and early, me to go to the Farmers Market in Tetsworth with Jason to set up the stall, Lovely Hubby to pack our bags and clean out the chickens, feed the pets etc. Then it was a dash home for me to get changed and set off up the motorway to the lovely town of Chinley in Derbyshire for Colin and Frans wedding celebration.
Posing around the lovely wedding car.
The bride and groom looked happy and relaxed, amazing considering all the preparations they had been doing and continued to do during the day. It was a lovely fun, family atmosphere with a childrens entertainer for the multitude of children at the party, a gorgeous buffet and later a BBQ, cooked in the front garden.
Happy, relaxed photos taken around the trampoline!
We all sat around catching up on family news, drinking wine and beer and eating burgers, the children behaved impeccably and had lots of fun, the adults chilled out and enjoyed themselves. Then all too soon it was time to go to our little B&B in the next village.
Lovely Hubby - always picking up strange women!!
After a good nights sleep and a gorgeous home-cooked breakfast it was time to hit the road again, this time heading towards Chatsworth House. We wandered around the gardens, were fascinated by the kitchen garden (lots of tips picked up there) and then had a look around the house.
After a lovely meal in the courtyard restaurant it was time for Lovely Hubby to have a little snooze in the car and me to do my bit for the credit-crunch (I'm single-handedly keeping the country afloat with my shopping according to LH!!).
Then it was time to go home, happy and relaxed and with no worries, as during our absence Jason had coped admirably with all the animals.
Mmmmmm ..........lovely!
Sue xx

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I am so glad you had a great weekend!
    You work so hard, sometimes you need to have some fun :-D

    Although I would gain much pleasure from plants & chickens for sure!

    Rose XXX


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