Thursday, 6 August 2009

Flowerpot Man

My lovely little Flowerpot Man is currently sitting in the polytunnel with only a solitary grapevine and twenty one tomato plants (and their friends the French Marigolds) for company. Soon he is to be joined by vegetable seeds galore, for tonight I am sitting at the kitchen table sketching and deciding on a plan to fill the PT with as many seeds as I can possibly fit in.
There will be a herb bed, another planting of peas, cucumber, peppers, oooh.....the list goes on and on, if my sketch is readable I may put it on here, if not you will only see the list.
Lovely Hubby has cleaned out the horses water-trough that is positioned just outside the PT so we are ready with the raised beds, the manure, the earth and now the water, so planting can commence.
Oooh the excitement....and the anticipation, whatever the weather tomorrow I can be out planting and in a few weeks more lovely homegrown food will be on the table, well either that or I'll have wasted lots of seeds, time and it will all have gone disastrously wrong....time will tell!!
I promise, I will be honest and let you know if polytunnels are really worth it, gosh I'm hoping they are!
Sue xx


  1. Good luck! Look forward to seeing all the lovely results of those seeds growing into wonderful veges.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I wish you so much luck!
    I am sure it will all be worth it, and can;t wait to see your little seeds grow and take over that poly-tunnel!

    Rose XXX

  3. Oh, bet you can't wait. Looks like someone has put a lot of work into the preparation!


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