Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mooching About

Half of the Herb Garden in the Polytunnel.
Last night I mooched. Wandered around outside with all 4 pets and all 13 chickens, we inspected living quarters, filled water pots, took photos of the PT, tidied away the tools used during the day and generally spent time together.
Jemima, Latte and Little Lovely.
The evening was calm and still, not too warm, yet not cold. No jumpers were required just a bit of activity.
Sophie, the Welsummers and Mother.
The Welsummers came to me when called, and after picking up one, the others gathered round to see what I would do next. I did nothing......I put Coco down and then left them to play around the tyres. To see their confidence in me growing is fabulous.
Coco, Nutmeg, Bourneville and Fudge.
As the light faded we made final preparations for the night, The White Girls retired to their quarters with a resignation born of habit and the Brown Girls settled down in their little Eglu with much chirruping about their exciting day.
Toby slinking off past Big Lovely.
The cats sat on and under the patio table whilst the dogs had a last run around gathering the scents of the night for their dreams.
Archie, wondering if these chickens are edible!
I heard the welcoming call of Lovely Hubby from the lit up kitchen asking if I wanted a coffee....I did, and we sat around the computer looking at Landrovers for sale and compiling the order we are putting in for the new chicken house.
Sometimes an evening can just BE. Do you know what I mean?

Sue xx

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  1. How wonderful, I feel relaxed just having read about your time with the feathered and furry ones! Think I'll go and get a cuppa myself!
    Take care
    Sarah x


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