Monday, 30 October 2017

Mondays Fridge Soup

At the end of last week we had to call to Tesco late in the evening and for once we were lucky enough to grab a few bargains, it's pretty rare these days that we are there when the yellow stickers are out in force ... well to be honest we've just not been shopping that much recently, only going to the shops for absolute necessities. 

Anyway this morning I set about using the veggies up, they had survived the weekend very well in the drawer of the fridge, but I wanted to use them up before they got any unhappier!!

I emptied out the rest of the fridge drawer too ... 

... put back the few things that were in really good condition.

Then I got out the 'bits and bobs' bag from the freezer, I save all trimmings and stalks from the cauliflowers and broccoli for just such occasions.

Then it was time to fish out the 'flavour enhancers', some Approved Foods bouillon powder ...

... and one or two other additions.

I always find the more variety of flavours you put in the richer and deeper the taste of the finished product, and anyway I like to play.  So I chopped and diced and got everything simmering away nicely for a while and then decided it looked a bit wishy washy ...

... so I added a good squirt of tomato puree and a couple of teaspoon of Turmeric.

It looked much better !!

After a couple of hours in the bottom oven of the Aga I whizzed it up with my stick blender and had a good bowl full for my lunch ... for tasting purposes of course.

And then the rest was cooled ready to go into the freezer, with one small bowl put into the fridge for tomorrows lunch.

I had already dealt with the bargain pack of ham as soon as we got home, you don't leave meat lying around for too long.  First it was dried off slightly on kitchen paper ...

... then split into four usable portions.

Before being placed in a zip lock bag and popped into the freezer.

As you can see I am still determined to make full use of everything we buy or grow and watch our pennies and I'm gearing up for next year ... when the purse strings will once again be pulled in very tightly.

Sue xx


  1. I'll make this tomorrow...
    Yesterday I made pea soup , frozen peas , ham stick and garlic paste bloody lovely

  2. I shall be doing the same tomorrow.

  3. Soup looks good - I was so cross with myself yesterday I came to make some pea and watercress soup - a new recipe and the Leeks that I thought I had bought the day before were nowhere to be found. I checked the receipt and they were not listed, all I can think is that they had somehow fallen from the trolley before I got to the till! So it was baked beans for lunch.

  4. I used to make soup all the time when the kids were growing up but then stopped.
    Your soup posts have gotten me all excited to make some soup. Thanks !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Cream of Mushroom soup here for supper tonight. I needed to use up some mushrooms and since the weather was cold and blowing the soup really hit the spot. There is enough leftover to be used for another meal at another time.

    God bless.

  6. I made a Spicy Bean soup yesterday (Canned Arrabiata tomatoes from Lidl, stock, onion, peas, some gammon steak and a tin of Spicy Mixed Beans from Mr Tesco). REALLY tasty.

  7. I made what I describe as bottom of the fridge soup on Sunday. I gave it a Morrocan influence with the spices I chose and chick peas for protein. Delish.


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