Tuesday 3 October 2017

It's October

It's October ... September has gone ... and WOW what a month.

It started off with us having no water for almost two weeks, then we had a weekend in bonny Scotland and went to one of the nicest weddings we've ever been to, when our niece Erin married the love of her life, Darren in the greatest of style. 

Yes,  my lovely hubby scrubs up very well  :-)

I was stocked up with lots bargain vegetable seeds for next year and somewhat of a change for me ... lots of flower seeds too.

I did an Approved Foods order, something I've not done for ages ...

... and saved myself a shed load of money

We managed to get a couple of rolls of the sort of wallpaper we've been looking for for ages in the bargain bin in B&Q, ready for decorating the living room later this month.

We dressed a sheep!!

She's now doing much better, she's still with us and healing nicely .... although once again she's naked apart from her own now growing woolly jumper  ;-)

I filled the freezer with meat of every description for my carnivore of a man.

Got back into menu planning.

Processed homegrown vegetables ...

... in bulk!!

Bought a new book.

It's strange that this should stand out but I really have stopped buying books like I used to .... who would have thunk it,  haha  :-)

We put some of the raised beds to sleep for Winter.

And weeded those that we are still eating from. 

Before ...

... and after.

And now to round off the month nicely I have pulled something in my back so am having to take it easy ... really easy. Not something I find easy in any way.  Although chasing one of the Lavender Pekins off the main road first thing this morning is doing nothing for it's recovery!!

Naughty Jill.

So I'm going into October with a whimper and a whine ... and luckily a still live chicken thanks to a nice man who passes daily and recognised it as one of ours and knocked on the door to let me know.

I'll probably be back tomorrow with another post, as the office chair is currently the most comfortable chair in the house  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Alan looks very smart.
    Some great bargains, my approved food order came today, I missed out on the scone mix, I like buying in bulk.

  2. A well lived month! Glad for the sheep update - I've been curious.

  3. That is a very productive month! I'm glad you still have the sheep and that her coat is growing in again. I hope your back improves quickly!

  4. You have managed an amazing amount of things in just a month. No wonder your back is protesting. I suffer with back pain too so know how it feels when it comes on suddenly. I hope it soon feel better, just take it easier for a bit. Well done though.

  5. What a wonderful filled month (except for your back). You husband looked dashing in hit outfit! Now if only I could get my own hubby to wear his again..... La!
    I'm thinking of your coming garden with all those flowers amongst the vegetables & fruit & it looks heavenly in my head. I can't wait for you to post a photo of it in full swing. Hopefully that back doesn't give you too much grief & comes right soon, though I don't recommend too many mornings chasing chickens......

  6. Your Lovely Hubby looks very handsome in his kilt.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the new wallpaper in your living room. I love wallpaper.

  7. Wow you guys have been busy. How nice for the sheep that she is still with you. I'm sure she is looking much better than she did a little while ago. Please post some pics of your redecorating!

  8. We bought the scone mix, as well - and unfortunately one can make the most delicious donuts with it - read the instructions! Dipped in cinnamon sugar they are really rather good. What a nuisance.

  9. I suffer from lower back spasms but recently went on the Functional Restoration Programme at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. Fantastic team! I've learnt so much about how to handle the pain and fear that comes with this problem. Check out their website, some great resources on there, also Lorimer Moseley videos on YouTube.

  10. Those beans look yummy! Is that a Stuart tartan I see?


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