Thursday, 12 October 2017

I've Lost My Mojo ...

I've lost my mojo!!

I feel just like this little doggie, although it's a bit chilly to fling myself face down on the patio and anyway my sore back wouldn't allow it  :-(

Tucked away with my mojo is my 'blojo '  ...  I'm being very careful not to add a couple of additional letters there  ;-)

This might have happened !!

Remember when 'Mojos' were sweets along the lines of these Fruit Salads and Black Jacks ... very politically incorrect I assume these days, but we were innocent back then and life was so much more simple.

Anyway at the moment life is strange, I haven't been able to do the things I thought I wanted to do, I don't know if I even want to do the things I think I should want to do ... and even if I try to do them and succeed a little bit it puts me back a few days and further into the confusion.

Now I bet you're as confused as me, if you've lost your mojo and happen to find it. see if it has a friend there with it, if it has and you think it's mine please send it back here as soon as possible.  If when it arrives it's not actually mine, I will start a collection and distribute them to anyone else in this position at a future date  ;-)

Sue xx.


  1. I get you totally, I am feeling the same. x

  2. Oooh yes! Can I please be in the line for a mojo. Mine has gone a-wandering too. Blogland does seem a little quieter of late. I hope yours turns up very soon. X

  3. I've run out of things to blog about too, must be the weather - always blame it on the weather. Which actually has been rather good so maybe that's not it, maybe it's mojo holiday time and they are all off on a jolly together somewhere!

    Hope you find where you've put it -it'll probably turn up when you're not looking for it.!

  4. It will come back it always does for all of us

  5. I know what you mean, You do feel like you're repeating yourself but new people join and they're interested in what you say. So you have to try to carry on.

  6. Ouch...poor you! I hope you feel better soon. Like the famous general, your mojo will return!

  7. I haven't got your mojo here but I can send you best wishes that you find it soon and that you will find life is back to normal or at least a new and exciting normal and the strangeness is given the boot. Sending hugs x

  8. Is there a cupboard or a drawer (or a raised bed) that is urgently in need of attention? If so then a pound to a penny your mojo is hiding in there.

  9. It's the time of year. At least it is for me.

  10. It's a temporary thing. Sometimes my head is empty, when that happens I log off, close down, and switch off.

  11. It is just having a tea break. It will be back when It is suitably refreshed.

  12. I used to write regularly to my dad.when inspiration deserted me he said don't try and write a letter,just send a postcard. Soon enough,you would be running out of room for writing on the postcard....

  13. I always get down in October, guess it is the sign that winter is coming, I am a summer girl but do sit out even this time of year when I can and feel so much better for it.
    I love calling in each day to see what you have to say even I seldom comment.
    You will turn the corner soon.
    Hazel c uk

  14. I'm sorry to hear that your mojo has gone missing! But I don't think you have run out of things to say....I'm always interested in your day to day life, which is so different than mine! I hope your back is getting better...take care.

  15. I'm so sorry that you are feeling bereft of inspiration at the moment especially as you inspire so many of us with your blogs.
    Stick your nose in a book if you have half an hour or so.
    That usually works for me.
    I have been wanting to ask a question for a while.
    You did a lot of book pruning especially in your "Live Below the Line". I wondered whether the shelves are filling up again and if you have any recommendations to pass on.
    I love your blog ; was one of those who felt bereft when you closed it and elated when it reappeared.
    ( No pressure there then!)
    Take care and enjoy the small things, cups of hot chocolate, books, caring for the animals including the human ones, etc. Everything else will wait. Sue

    1. I can count the books I have bought this year on one hand, a couple of vegan ones and last month I bought Jamie Oliver's new one. The book shelves are still emptying in readiness for next years car boot sales and I doubt I will ever fill them like I did before.

  16. As is life, Take the time and space to heal. A change of scenery or routine, try something new? or just rest and rest, in time it will pass.

  17. Gosh I know exactly what you mean. My mojo has taken flight too and I've run out of words for blogging. It must be the time of year.... Christmas is bound to cheer me up soon. Hope your back eases soon too. It must be miserable...

  18. Poor Sue - It'll have taken off to escape the pain of your back - Mojos can't cope with continuous pain. And you're such a busy, active bod your Mojo will be feeling extremely put out by the whole thing. I hope you get relief soon. Your expression reminded me of another old one - 30 years ago (I estimate based on the age our son was at about the time) it was considered very funny to give people "Round Tuit" ... remember those - the answer for all those things one was going to do when one got a round Tuit.... What an innocent world we lived in back then.

    Hope you're sparking on all cylinders very soon.


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