Saturday 14 October 2017

An Autumnal Still Life

Stepping out into the drizzle of this morning to pop something into the recycling stack, my eyes rested on the scene from the back door.  It's like an Autumnal still life ... so I nipped back inside to grab my camera. 

The leaves falling from the trees tumble down onto the pots on the patio with any hint of a breeze, blurring the edges of pots, saucers and tarmac and giving everywhere a coating of the finest of autumn colours.

Standing out from all this are the beautiful Cosmos flowers, pink and white and crisp for a day before the damp in the air ages the petals far too quickly, but as soon as one flower fades and drops another is there to take it's place.  I sold lots of pots of these at car boot sales over the Summer so I do hope the people that bought them from us are enjoying as good a display as we are getting.

The old tin bath full of herbs is scruffy and looks to be way past it's best, but the herbs it contains are still in almost daily use as one of us steps out from the kitchen, scissors in hand for a sprig of this or that to add to whatever dish we are making for our tea. 

An Autumnal still life .... perhaps it's hiding my mojo  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. I spotted your mojo under that upturned wheelbarrow............quick catch it before it's off again!

  2. Yes - no mistaking Autumn today is there - leaves, especially ash round here, are raining down and there is a smell of damp and decay - rather a nice smell actually - in the air. You have captured the season exactly in the photographs Sue.

  3. It looks really lovely. Hope you find your mojo!

  4. Hi Sue.
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  5. The greens are at their best in Autumn in my view

  6. Beautiful elements in your autumn still life. I want to plant cosmos next year. When I was young my mother and I always planted them behind the house. I haven't grown any in all the years since I grew up but I have the urge to, these last few years.

  7. Lovely. It is spring here, and everything is in bloom, so nice to see the opposite season.

  8. In West Texas it is still too hot and too dry. On Friday and Saturday it was 94F (33C) and air conditioner running. But we did turn a bit cooler Sat. night and we will be ten degrees cooler this next week. The only sign of fall we have is that our pecans are beginning to fall from the trees. Hubby picks them up every day. All of our trees still have green leaves. We don't have very much really cold winter weather. Your pictures are beautiful!!

  9. Thank You so much for lovely photos of your Autumn.

    cheers, parsnip


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