Friday 6 October 2017

Binge Watching The Great British Bake Off

While I've been laid low with my bad back I've been surfing from sofa to chair, to office chair to kitchen stool, but whenever I've been on the chair or sofa in the living room I've been glued to the television and the Great British Bake Off. 

As well as the new series being on every Tuesday night, Really channel has been showing daily re-runs of previous series.  So far I have watched my way through series three and four and today they have just started on series one .... I don't know why they chose to do it out of order like this unless of course I have missed a first showing a few weeks ago!!

I have never seen series one before so I'll be particularly glued to this one. 

My first thoughts were that Paul looked exactly the same, somehow Mary looks older ... and much less polished,  and the format is slightly different with the tent being moved from town to town for each episode as well as there being only 10 contestants.  It's going to be a good watch  :-)

I also watched my way through the 2015 Comic Relief specials that were shown Monday to Thursday this week.  It was so lovely, but also sad to see the beautiful Victoria Wood in action.

This years series is going great, I watched the first episode out of curiosity expecting to dismiss it straight away as second best but I was hooked from the first five minutes.  The newcomers really do make up a good team.

What is your opinion on the new series ... and is there anyone else watching the old re-runs and enjoying them as much this time as the first time around?

Sue xx


  1. I didn't want to like it after it changed channels as it felt disloyal. Stupid i know. But love it for the people not the presenters

  2. Never seen even 5 minutes of it!

  3. I'm on vacation with my mom right now at her Florida house. We have been binge watching the show on Netflix. Tonight we will be finishing up season 3 which is the past one available.

  4. Here in Michigan last season just ended a few weeks ago on PBS but is also currently on the Canadian station available locally. I was just visiting my sisters in Pembrokeshire and was able to watch the first three episodes of the new season. I was also prepared to not like it but I did. I can't wait until it starts here so I can watch the rest. Hope your back feels better.

    1. I've watched many of the seasons on PBS, also. Love them. I'm wondering if the new series in the U.K. Will be shown in the US because it is on commercial television, not public television. We'll see. Maybe it will be on Netflix if not PBS.

  5. I am loving the new series although out of some mistaken loyalty I didn't want to like!!

  6. I don't like the new one and have stopped watching. I miss Mary and the girls.

  7. I don't like Prue, the show needs a true homestyle baker, not a restauranteur. Although I admire her cooking I don't think she's right for the show and her bizarre fashion sense does nothing to endear me. I would love to see it back with the old team however having said that I think the contestants are great and have produced some wonderful creations.

  8. I like it.
    I do miss Mel's " ruby get a ruddy grip" humour but apart from that it's exactly the same.

  9. I've seen seasons 1 thru 6 on either YouTube or PBS and right now the Cdn. CBC is running season 7 and I've watched thru ep 5 of season 8 on YouTube again. I didn't expect to like the new announcers but I actually do - and besides it's really all about the bakers - and they are lovely.
    A Cdn. version starts in a few weeks and I'm also looking forward to that.

  10. We've yet to get the new series in NZ. Currently getting the immediately previous on and at least one or two older series, all on sky tv channels. Yes - I sometimes this confuses me. At least I have found my old sign in (Mickle in NZ) instead of the "Michelle" I've had to use. Hope your back is improving. Sending care and wellness wishes, Michelle/Mickle in Wellington, NZ.

  11. Maybe because I've only watched one series {Yes it's true. Always one and that one was me} As much as I loved the girls and Mary as we all did in the last series. I'm amazed I immediately settled same as you into the 2017 series.


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