Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What We Are Doing With Our Car Boot Earnings This Year.

At first we couldn't make up our minds what to do with our earnings from this years car boot sales,  what to do with over £700 requires careful consideration, then over a coffee and a slice of cake we hit on the perfect thing.  Two Winters ago we had a lot of water ingress into the house, last year it was sorted out and the exterior painted and we've been waiting ever since for things to dry out so we could sort out the internal damage

All above this window was originally a sodden mess, now at last it is dry, so Alan's first job was to patch things up, then we carried on and redecorated the whole room, which is pretty easy to do when your colour scheme is white ceilings, white walls and white woodwork.

Of course we needed a flash of colour on the chimney breast to keep things cheerful and that's where our two rolls of bargain wallpaper came in.  We thought a brick effect would look good and as we are going for a slightly 'older' look for the room it fitted in nicely.

Tomorrow a carpet will be fitted, we have had enough of the laminate flooring that was here when we bought the house.  The dogs are skidding round the living room for the last time today and hopefully by tomorrow we will have a cosy warm carpeted floor with no need for rugs that slide around to try and keep things warm underfoot.

And then next week the final piece of our living room makeover will be delivered, a brand new sofa and chair to add a real flash of colour to the room ..... and no it's NOT green  ;-)

The good thing is we have lots of the paint left over to redecorate our bedroom which is directly above the living room and suffered even worse damage above the window.  But that can wait a little while.

Our car boot sale money has done us very well ... paints, wallpaper, curtains, a new lightshade and almost all the cost of the carpet, the sofa is our Christmas present to each other.

While I was busy cleaning the floor ready for the carpet fitting, I spied our regular little peeping chicken at the door ....  

... Suky spotted her too and went over for a closer look  :-)

Sue xx


  1. I don't like wooden floors especially laminate. I much prefer carpet as it makes a room look and feel warm and cosy. So good choice.

    Joan (Devon)

  2. I curious to see your new sofa. I really like the leather one in the first picture! -Jenn

  3. Your home is really lovely. Cozy but not cluttered. I hope that you will show us your new sofa and carpet when they arrive.

  4. I love the green in your lounge, we don't have any carpets in this place we are renting it is tiled throughout and we just have mats dotted about everywhere, carpet in the lounge is nice, oh how I long for some carpet. A new sofa will be lovely, love to see it.x

  5. How exciting.
    Love your living room and your colors.
    Then I saw your chicken friend who is looking in and you home seems even better.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. You did very well with your car boot earnings.

    God bless.

  7. It all looks good!
    Is that a wooden carved Welsh Love Spoon on your wall? JanF

  8. Great use for the car boot earnings! I'm a big fan of car boots and this year my brother and I have been along to a few to earn a few extra pounds. It's a really nice social thing as well as a good way of converting things you don't want into cash. We always meet some really nice people.


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