Tuesday 7 November 2017

A Neat Cook ... and Bashed Biscuits

I've turned into a neat cook.  

I like to measure out all the ingredients and have them ready to throw into the pan as and when I need them, this saves so much time spinning around in the kitchen making myself dizzy while I rummage through cupboards for ingredients while my onions burn or my garlic singes.  It also means that I have time to put on my thinking cap and work out what I can use in place of any ingredients that I might not have.

This time I was following this recipe as I wanted to use up our last homegrown cauliflower.  It was absolutely delicious and these amounts gave us a large portion each for one night served with rice, a smaller portion for the next night again with rice for me, and with rice and a pork chop for Alan, and one also a small tub full for the freezer which will make either a lunch for one or an addition to a Buddha bowl for both of us.

Delicious ... I added peas to ours because I didn't have any fresh coriander to add that very necessary splash of green.   :-)

Pudding was a simple favourite of ours, a layer of fruit in a glass, a layer of chilled Oatly custard and then a packet each of crushed Biscoff biscuits for a crunchy topping.  We ate them before I took a photo, but this is how it all started off.

Sue xx 


  1. a good meal, thinking of colour and texture as well as nutrition...one has to feed the eyes
    Having everything ready for the "off" before cooking...I was taught that as "mis en place"....putting in place...

  2. I love your veggie cooking.
    Learned to read the recipe all the way through and also lay out the ingredients before cooking.
    Like you said makes cooking so much easier.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. "spinning around in the kitchen making myself dizzy" - this sounds too familiar but I've never had the patience to prep first. I really should try that :) Your meal looks delicious!

  4. I like to have all the ingredients measured out ready before I start - must be a hang up from my 'Blue Peter' days. It always looks like I am doing a cookery demonstration. Curry looks good - are you Vegan now?

    1. Yes, since I did Veganuary in January. I've had a few blips but I generally find it easy as I'm dairy intolerant and allergic to some eggs 😊

    2. I was wondering the same. I knew you were veggie, but didn't realise you'd taken the leap to vegan. If you didn't have dairy or eggs anyway, there probably weren't that many changes to make were there?

  5. Ooo, must look out for Oatly custard. We like the Alpro one but I do like Oatly milk in everything. Curry looks fab!

  6. Fraid I spin around like a crazy person getting ingredients out of the cupboards. I delude myself by saying I am saving on dish washing.

    God bless.

  7. I love oatly custard with a good squeeze of Sweet Freedom hot chocolate sauce (vegan). yum yum


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