Sunday, 5 November 2017

The View From the Loo

I'm going to miss this ... 'the view from the loo'.

Using the toilet and having a bath in the bathroom over the last couple of weeks has been nice with some of our books to look at on the shelves, but now in the living room the carpet is laid and over the weekend it's been nice to get the room looking a lot more normal, if slightly fresher and with that 'new carpet smell'.

This morning it was time to empty these shelves and lose the 'view from the loo'.

The books once laid out on the floor in the same order they were to go back looked a lot more than they had on the shelves ...

... and the magazines stacked on the chair in the bathroom just didn't look like they fitted easily into the cupboard under the shelves.

But it all fitted back together nicely after the shelves were slid the five foot to the right from the bathroom to the living room.

It's nice getting things back where they belong.

Oh, and I might have bought two more books to add to my collection  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Satisfying to get straight - I am well looking forward to it when we get the guest room finished and my daughter comes for the single bed which we are having squeeze past on the landing at the moment. What are the magazines with the interesting heart pattern on the stacked spines?

    1. The magazines are 'The Simple Things' 😊

    2. I have bought one or two but never on a regular basis so was not aware that a stack of the spines had that lovely decoration - what a lovely touch.

  2. My mother's last loo had a similar wide wall space and she put a chest of drawers there to hold all manner of stuff out of sight. It held her stationery, greeting cards, address book, extra towels, soap, seasonal tablecloths, placemats, and generally anything that moisture couldn't harm. You might consider that!

    Wishing you well

  3. Your title of View from the Loo reminded me of years ago when we camped with the children and had a toilet tent, we often went on small sites in Wales or Cornwall, with not many people about and pitched the loo tent so that we could sit and look at the view!!

  4. Your view was much more interesting than mine. I am afraid all I would see is towels hanging from the towel rack.... No room at all for anything other than the necessities.

    God bless.


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