Saturday 19 March 2016

Split Personality?

I had to clear all the surfaces last week as the electrician needed access to the fuse box, which is rather handily in the roof space over the kitchen, just above this worktop.  Don't ask ... there is nothing ordinary about the work done to this house by the previous owners.  The meter reader used to snigger every time he came, now thankfully the meter has been relocated to the outside although the fusebox is still here.   

Anyway with the worktop nice and clear I stepped back to admire it and just had to take a photo .... I love it like this.

 I also love my shelves on the opposite side of the kitchen, full to bursting with jars of food, utensils and various knick knacks, that doesn't look right but spellcheck is no help on this one.

I'm starting to think I have a split personality.

 The question I'm asking myself is which do I really prefer .... space or clutter, or maybe minimal clutter (if there is such a thing).  Do I want things handy for use or behind closed doors, OR not even behind closed doors, just not there at all !!

I'm off to sow some more seeds and help with building the new henhouse for Chicken Land ... I'm thinking that I'm over-thinking  ;-)

Have a good weekend.

Sue xx


  1. I am afraid I am a bit of a hoarder. I keep anything which has sentimental memories for me - so the house is full of pictures, pottery, books etc. But about once a month I take absolutely everything off my kitchen work surfaces and scrub them all well. Then i put back only essentials like the toaster and the kettle, tea and coffee pots and microwave. Looks lovely - I feel full of satisfaction - but within a day or two things begin to infiltrate again.

  2. I think it may be nik nak? I'm sure I read that somewhere lol
    it all looks so lovely and I think I'd prefer it to be on view, partly for ease of use for when you need to grab something but mostly because it looks so pretty :) xx

  3. Haha ! Sue ! That's not clutter !
    Your shelves are full of 'kitchen' stuff. It's a kitchen after all. :)

  4. I call it organized clutter....I always heard your eye needs to "rest" so I don't cover every surface with stuff. Just enough to feel homey and not overwhelming. I personally need a calm peaceful environment or it causes me stress. I know it's all subjective to one's own taste. Jan

  5. I know what you mean I am the same, I've come to the conclusion with me it depends on the season, in the winter I like things around (I won't say clutter) but in the summer I like space.

  6. My kitchen is a mess, wish I was organised enough to do more with it. Errr, and tidy enough.

  7. I have decided I like the clean look , not least because of the cleaning up problem if shelves are exposed and there is a catastrophe ... like last night's bouncing pot of bright green pesto..... all over my shoes, clothes, up the kitchen cupboards, walls, and the CEILING for heaven's sake!!! Cleaning up was a huge last, but with open shelves I think I would have "hit the gin"!!!


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