Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Chickens Have the Right Idea

The chickens have the right idea at the moment, at the first sign of any sunshine they stop what they are doing and all rush over to the sunny areas of Chicken World.  

As Spring gets closer the sun hits their little part of our hillside much sooner in the day, and then later on in the Summer they benefit from it all day long and then they have the choice to either bask in it's luxurious warmth or make for the shadier areas behind the henhouse or into the edge of the woods when it gets too much.

It's nice to see them mooching about, chunnering away to each other as if they are putting the world to rights, with the odd crowing session from Jack the cockerel, who is sat just at the edge of the Eglu in this photo.

Little Enid stood at the fence looks a sorry sight .... but she is just sulking!   

She had a little escape hatch where a squirrel had chewed through a couple of the strands of the fence and whenever she saw me she would dash out of it and come over to see if I had any nibbles, but as she could never find her way back in by herself I had to repair it .... now there is no escape and she sulks ... oh well at least she is sulking in the sunshine  :-)

Sue xx


  1. The chickens have exactly the right idea.. I am doing likewise. Such fleeting opportunities are far too good to miss.

  2. I'm sitting on the warm sofa in my conservatory every opportunity I get. Bring bathed in sunshine is just the tonic i need.

  3. The chickens certainly have the right idea,
    I'm enjoying the Suns warmth in my new kitchen or lounge whenever it puts in an appearance just now

  4. Poor chook...Sun is a necessary tonic for all of us...

  5. Bless little Enid Sue I would sulk to, but its great to see them basking in the sunshine. Enid is a gorgeous colour. I love my hens iv only had them 2 weeks but they have got under my skin and I cant imagine not having them now I love calling their names as I walk down to them and hear them start chattering :-) dee x

  6. They're so clever aren't they! Our old cat used to follow the sun around the garden so she never missed out.

  7. A bit of good old sunshine makes us all feel better - including the hens.

  8. I enjoy your posts about Chicken World. We are starting our own chicken world with 10 baby chicks and a lovely coop my husband just built. We've never raised chickens before, so this should be an adventure!

  9. I think we are al dashing for the sun patches at the moment ! X


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