Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lambs and Moles

The little lamb I posted about yesterday is now safely with his or her new Mum and they both seem much more settled.  

He's lost his extra little sheepskin coat now and is startlingly white wearing just his own new born lamb fleece.  The field got another delivery at dusk last night as another mama ewe and her baby were delivered by trailer, and then mooched their way across the field to join the others.

The dogs have just about got used to the occasional baa, baa, baa-ing as the lambs call for their mothers and the mums answer them on a regular basis and have stopped barking each time they hear them.

In other news ... Mr Mole has been busy making a whole labyrinth of tunnels under the edge of Chicken World and into our grass at the side of the house, as well as the other mole hills already made by his neighbour in the paddock.  

Never one to miss an opportunity I am out and about with the wheelbarrow and various pots most days to claim back my soil.  It's lovely and sifted and ideal for use in pots as I replant some of the herbs near the house.  I will save the next barrowful for the tin bath which really does need re-invigorating for this year.

Sue xx


  1. Reminds me of Jasper Carrot - Only one way to get rid of a mole!

  2. Ah, didn't realise mole soil could be useful like that!

  3. Oh Kev I remember the swivel stool and 12-bore shot gun sketch!

  4. Hi Sue, we have moles to everywhere and they have even come up through the pebbles which I put down the side of the chicken enclosure I had heard it was good soil but never thought of re using it before for pots thank you for the top tip I will be off out with my bucket and spade now :-) dee x

  5. Thank you for the picture of the ewe and lamb! The lamb looks so cute and the ewe looks rather pleased with herself.

  6. hmm will try they soil never heard that we are thinking of spraying to get rid of the grubs they are after but we are hesitant since the dog loves to roll on the grass


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