Saturday 26 March 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend

It's a UK Bank Holiday weekend which of course means that sunshine is usually the last thing we see, so when the weatherman said it would be sunny on Friday of the weekend and on no other day we made plans to get lots of jobs done.

Luckily we had a very able-bodied guest staying for a couple of days, my eldest son Simon, and he is always only too happy to muck in a get jobs done, he really earns his keep.  He cut ALL the grass, both in and around the new Chicken Land, which Lovely Hubby was busy finishing the fencing of, and also around the house and driveway too.  When we first got up in the morning the grass was a bit too wet to cut so he washed three cars while the grass dried up a bit.  He had soapy water over from washing the cars so he washed all the windows, frames and sills on the downstairs of the house.

Once he had finished all this he asked what else he could do  ... so he joined in with Lovely Hubby and sieved more top soil from our soil mountain to fill up the last beds of the net tunnel, then they leveled the floor and filled behind the beds with the sifted out stones to make a good weed free drainage area.

While they were doing all this I managed to get last of the copper tape around the net tunnel beds and watered in the Nematodes to hopefully finally combat our slug problem.  The I uncovered, turned over the soil and planted my chitted potatoes in this and one other bed in the Veggie Patch.

Watched over by a certain little madam, who with the other dogs had a lovely day in the sunshine watching the humans work.

Today just as the weather people forecast it is raining, so after waving off our guest on his travels to visit other family members ... who don't make him work anywhere near as hard as we do ... we are taking it easier and after running a few errands we are sitting down to do a bit of television watching ..... a glass or two of wine may be consumed  ;-)

Sue xx 


  1. Send him round please.

  2. Help is always welcome in our house too. Cheers happy Easter.

  3. Does he hire himself out? Our veggie garden has not been touched since last Autumn, in fact we are considering grassing it over.
    Still,I expect Mum cooked him some good food in return.

  4. Have a relaxing long weekend Sue, the rain has certainly arrived with a vengeance! Like you I'm feeling pleased that we got a lot done yesterday and that certainly justifies a glass or two!

  5. What a wonderful son Sue, you trained him well! I was exhausted just reading what he got through! Happy Easter to you both, and to your four, and two legged, feathered friends

  6. Oh, i love your blog.. So glad I found you.. I am your newest follower.. xo

  7. How lovely to have such a willing helper! It's all looking good at the front there :)

  8. I need him at my house too!
    So glad you are all doing so well at your home!

  9. and Simon even found the time to visit me his Gran on his way back to Cumbria
    and to visit a friend that he was sponsoring for a charity run for the Air Ambulance
    in Cumbria.I am one lucky Gran to have Simon . good wishes to all Sue's followers
    Joan [Sue's Mum ]XX

  10. Now, is this lovely young man married? Somebody better snatch him up quickly!

  11. Nothing better than a productive bank holiday weekend, well done.

  12. Hi Sue, catching up on your last week of blog posts. I always enjoy the russell ones, glad I'm not the only one that's forgotten chitting potatoes, yours were quite impressive. Hope you have a good easter weekend :)

  13. If he ever wants a holiday in the Netherlands, he's welcome ;-)
    But you have all done a lot of work! My potatoes were supposed to go in today, but because of the bad weather I'm going do it later this week. Hope you've enjoyed your Easter weekend!


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