Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Sty's the Limit by Simon Dawson

I've just finished reading this book by Simon Dawson, it's sort of billed as the follow on to his other book Pigs in Clover, which I really enjoyed.

This book I didn't enjoy anywhere near as much, it seems to be more the story of his mid-life crisis rather than anything different about their small holding .... and if I want to watch someone have a mid-life crisis I'll just sit back and watch my Lovely Hubby  ;-)

I gave it a very generous, in my opinion 5/10 over on my reading list on the other blog.

Personally I think he rushed through it, in order to bring it out in time to cash in on the interest shown in them and their animals after the television programme Ben Fogle's - Lives in the Wild UK.  Which might have seemed like a good idea at the time.

Have you read it ... did you enjoy it?

Sue xx


  1. We have it here from the library but I might not bother after you rave review!

    1. Give it a go, and let me know what you think. It would be interesting to see if I'm being too harsh. xx

  2. I am just working through the second book, having enjoyed the 1st one a lot more. I agree with you that there should be more small holding and less midlife crisis. I do enjoy his relationship with the pig though, that is my favourite bit so far. x

  3. Never heard of it before but Ben Fogle series I thought was amazing I just caught up with them all the other day very inspiring some of them, dee

  4. I've just started reading the first book. It's really enjoyable so far, I don't think I'll read his second book though - he moans a bit too much for my liking already ;)

  5. I agree, the second book is disappointing. I'm sure you are right - he wanted to cash in while his name was hot.

  6. Saw the programme but not read the book.

  7. Hi Sue, I have just recently purchased this book (after you reminding me of it originally). Having thoroughly enjoyed the first book, I was really looking forward to "The Sty's The Limit". I have only just started it, so cannot comment just yet. Still think it will make some good light reading with his usual humour - Anyway, we shall see. It takes me ages to "get into" a book, but your comments and other peoples have spurred me on to get reading and see for myself - time will tell! Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  8. I find that second books from new authors can often be a disappointment. The case in point of this is my favourite book (or funniest at least) Is "don't tell mum I work on the rigs, tell her I play piano in a whore house". I cried with laughter so many times and I was so excited when the second book came out but I barely raised a smile through the whole thing.


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