Saturday 12 March 2016

Staring Mavis ......

I was sat watching television last night and I felt eyes on me, like you do when you feel you are being watched.  Looking across I saw Mavis sat looking at me .... staring and staring.  I picked up my phone and took these photos, yes these are two different pictures, not one cropped from the other, although I would not be able to tell them apart as she wasn't moving a muscle.

I even checked in the mirror, did I look different was my hair sticking up ....

... no it wasn't but she kept staring.

What was going through her mind I wonder!!

Sue xx


  1. Aww so sweet..she was looking at you with love and wonder..this lady is my saving angel and i am one lucky and well loved little girl...bless her little cutie face.

  2. I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to live with you wonderful people - so love love love!!!!

  3. They can read our minds I think!!
    (Just wondered if you watched the story on Crufts last night about the microchipped pup which went missing for over 2 years and then was miraculously reunited!). I immediately thought of you.

  4. my cats often do that too,
    it does look like love on her face, maybe she is just making sure she etches your face into her mind? she certainly is a little beauty too, adorable.
    thanx for sharing

  5. She was probably thinking I love you so much mum, I am very happy xx

  6. I bet she was willing you to get the Quality Street

    That little face could melt a million hearts. She is just gorgeous-x-

  7. Yes, I know that feeling. Mavis is so beautiful.

  8. She says, 'thank you for coming to fetch me when I was lost in an awful place. I want to stay here with you forever'.

  9. What a gorgeous girl she is. George does the same thing to me, I'd love to be able to mind read!

  10. Our cats used to do that. It's uncanny and rather disturbing. The reason? Who knows...

  11. "Mum, I love you, I loooove you, I loooooooooooooooove you"!

  12. What on earth have you got on?
    There's something on your nose!
    When's dinner?
    Why are you staring at a box? I'll try staring too.
    Do you like my new hairstyle?
    You are in my power!!!!!

  13. When Tess stares at me like that it means that she wants a drink. Water I hasten to add.

  14. Don't you wish she could tell you? Looks like adoration to me. Lovely dog.

  15. Mavis is probably thinking I love you Mum. She is super cute Sue.

  16. Did you have a snack without sharing it with her? She might be giving you a guilt trip with those beautiful eyes.

  17. She is gorgeous, our JRT does that some times and that's when I really wish they could talk and tell us what is on their mind (or not if it's something cheeky)


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