Tuesday 29 December 2015

Shiplap and Snowdrops

The workshop doorway is coming on nicely.

It will have two doors soon, but first the panel at the top is being shiplapped so that it will match the rest of the workshop which will also be covered with wood in Spring.  It will sit nicer on the hillside with a more natural covering.

When Lovely Hubby plans a job he does it properly and between him and Simon everything was cut to size creosoted inside and out and then put into place.  The inside will also be wood with a layer of insulation in the middle.

Drat he spotted me taking photos  ;-)

I was over at the polytunnel a few minutes before taking the photos picking the makings for a pot of soup for the workers and I noticed we have Snowdrops and other bulbs appearing all over the place, it's looking very green.

Sue xx


  1. Some of our narcissus have leaves about 6" high as well.

  2. We have spring bulb shoots about 4 or 5 inches high and leaf buds on the roses. I hope a frost doesn't kill them all.

  3. You guys are so industrious. It'll look fab. And, and I'm envious of your photo-voltaic panels.

  4. Yes we've got bulbs coming up all over the place and the camellia is coming out in bloom too. It will no doubt all get mullered with the frost :(
    You've been hard at work again I see!

  5. Last year's teeth a tete are nearly out and I spied a Solomoms seal flower. there are daffodils out up the road !

  6. We have plenty of spring bulbs nicely on the way but sadly we have water everywhere in great quantities.

  7. The grass is growing, flowers are flowering and I swear I heard some Spring bird song the other day. Nature is out of sync this year and I worry what will happen when we get the inevitable frost.

  8. I've just checked my pot of Narcissus in the garage and sure enough they are all sprout little green shoots. I've bought them in to live on the windowsill for now.

  9. The things popping out here will most likely freeze this weekend.
    We can't get creosote here any more,due to environmental regulations.
    We used to get it and put on fence posts.

  10. Lovely looking veg and another wonderful project, a nice beginning to the new year.


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