Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Has Arrived

I went to Mum's in Manchester for the day yesterday and when I got home there was a wonderful surprise ..... as Margo would say .... 'Christmas had been delivered'.

Of course as soon as the parcel was in the house the dogs and Ginger had to have a good look around the box and check it met with their approval.

And Ginger thought it a brilliant new perch.  We'll have a proper look through the contents later, one thing I can guarantee is that there won't be anything for the doggies and moggy in there, I'll have to sneak in a few of their treats so they don't feel left out.

And before anyone jumps in and attacks me for being so extravagant and ordering a hamper from good old F&M, I will point out that we get one of these every year from the agency that Lovely Hubby works through, as a thank you for his hard work at lining their pockets with vast amounts of money.

Ginger loves his new perch.

Also through the letterbox was this ... the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. 

 I usually sit pen in hand over my morning coffee and plan out my holiday viewing.  I have to get the circles round the good films and programmes before all the cowboy films, space films and daylong NCIS view-a-thons get planned by a certain other resident of the house ;-)

Reverse Advent - Day 10

A pretty little hand decorated dish that has been languishing away in a drawer for the last few months, someone else should be enjoying it.

Sue xx


  1. Oh that is a pretty dish.
    I am managing to de clutter nicely having finally grasped that my finances and living in the West will always provide another if I get rid of that thing that I might need at some time in the future. The previous mindset coming from years of not having enough. When I was very poor, I always said yes please to anyone offering anything as they might not offer again if I said no Thank you, so I ended up with lots of stuff that I didn't really want, and I accumulated clothes for me and the girls that needed altering to fit and I could only do so many of them. I was very reluctant to get rid of anything in case I regretted it

  2. how exciting to get things in the post. The baskets sell well on flea-bay. we also get one from an employer ;)

  3. Lovely hamper, enjoy x I do the same with the tv magazine.

  4. We also colour code the Radio Times. It's a ritual for Mr D to highlight sports reviews of the years and films. I have ton ay that there is rarely anything that I'd be upset if I missed, but is till end up watching loads of TV.... Hampers are a real treat, so that was a great parcel to have received! Post a photo of the contents when you open it? :)

  5. O that dish is so pretty..i too have had a really good clear out again..i am thinking of donating a Barbie Kitchen to the charity shop..its huge and am sure it would make a gorgeous present for a little one..
    Your hamper sounds so gorgeous..our friends get a hamper every year..and give us some of the goodies which is totally appreciated..
    Love that Ginger is making himself at cute..

  6. Still saying - like I did last year - if ever you need to de-clutter a F & M basket-- I'm here *waving from Suffolk* :-)

  7. The cat will love the box more when it's empty! Ooh, if only I had one of those hampers, I'd feel totally James Bond tucking into quails eggs and caviare

    1. No quails eggs or caviar in these hampers!! It's usually all long keeping things. such as posh tea, mulled wine sachets, biscuits, chocolates, champagne, and a couple of bottles of wine. Also there is usually some jars of jams and chutneys (almost as good as my own). Lots of yummy things. I'll get a photo when we open it together over the weekend.

  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of extravagance over Christmas, howsoever it may arrive. I'm sure LH has earned every mouthful! Enjoy.

  9. Do show us what goodies are in that box Sue.

  10. I can just imagine Margo shouting Gerry to come and open the box. Enjoy your goodies, being frugal makes lifes luxuries even more rewarding.

  11. A delicious treat! I have got the Christmas RT too, just need to circle those programmes and set the recorder to record them so that I get to watch them! xx

  12. lovely dish!

    I managed to actually take a load of things to donate to the thrift store, a 4 ft tree, some snow men, some relish dishes, a bag of books, one of my Mom's big wall pictures, and some odd and ends.
    It was very nice not to come home and have those boxes sitting inside the sun porch, but all evening I have been emotional about letting go of parts of our past. I still think I am tied too much to association with "stuff & family", a work in progress I guess.


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