Friday, 11 December 2015

Calender Girls and Christmas Cards

Most weeks when I go to Mum's I take either Suky or Rosy with me.  Suky is the most usual travel companion as she is so laid back.  Me and Mum tend to nip out for a spot of lunch while I'm there and Suky is happy to be left quietly on her own, she rarely barks.  Rosy on the other hand has super sensitive hearing and will bark and jump around whenever there is any movement outside Mum's lovely little bungalow and as it is in an enclosed garden there is quite a bit of tooing and froing by Mum's neighbours and visitors.

When we get back she is rewarded with a second lap of Worthington Park which is just across the road (the first lap is when I arrive so she can stretch her legs after the long car journey), and once a year a local photographer takes photos of dogs that walk regularly in the park for a charity calendar. 

Look who's a calendar girl on the January page of next year ... Suky!!  Doing her little bit for Guide Dogs for the Blind and The Friends of Worthington Park.   :-)

(I don't take Mavis to Mum's because she has never been left on her own there.  She is much better off at home with whichever of the dogs is not accompanying me.)

At last my Christmas cards have been written and will be posted off tomorrow, I'm just waiting for Lovely Hubby to come home with the rest of my Christmas stamps.

Reverse Advent - Day 11

A scarf.

Sue xx


  1. I watched a dog run the half marathon last week, on a sort of waist belt attachment to its owner!

  2. That Suky has such a expressive face. Cheryl

  3. If you ever tire of Suky (some hopes) there would be a loving home here.!!!

  4. Gosh, and I thought I was pushing the boat out buying 20 2nd class stamps this year!

    Lovely photo of Suky.

    1. That's all I bought too. Lovely Hubby had taken half of them to work with him to send some cards. The other stamps were only out of my desk to send a couple more urgent ones and some that needed a large letter stamp.

      We buy them by the 100 for company use :-)

    2. I didn't realize you ran a company too. I bet they don't sell them any more cheaply by the 100 though!!!


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