Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Naked Trees and Antler Sprouting Pugs

Last years Christmas tree  was planted outside in the front flower bed, and unfortunately didn't do that well.  It's still alive but rather weirdly lopsided and still very tiny.  So we went mad in B&Q and bought this little beauty.  Also in a pot and it will be kept outside all year but still in it's pot this time so we can turn it regularly, and keep it nicely shaped for the next couple of Christmasses to come.

There's something very beautiful about a little Christmas tree in all it's naked glory , well in my opinion anyway  :-)

It looks even prettier though when darkness falls and the mass of fairy lights twinkle in the corner of the room.  Christmas has arrived .....

... but someone isn't that enamoured with her newly sprouted antlers.  

I was trying to get photos of the dogs in their 'Christmas outfits' for a post on Christmas Day.  Suky was not impressed!!  There's only Rosy still to get a photo of, but getting her to keep her hat on is hard work.  She's figured out if she shakes her head from side to side she can catch the pompom and pull the thing off her head.

I will persevere.

Reverse Advent - Day 23

Clean Water for ten people.  Also from Oxfam Unwrapped (see yesterdays post for more information and for a link to the website, where you can buy more similar gifts).  The final day of my Reverse Advent is tomorrow, it's been a lovely challenge to find a mix of things to leave our house and to benefit others.

Sue xx


  1. Looking forward to the doggie pictures.

  2. The little tree looks very pretty with the lights on, and what a gorgeous dog photo.

  3. Tree looks lovely. We successfully planted 2 Christmas trees about 10 years ago and they've done surprisingly well. They're in the ground though and so we just put a few outdoor lights on them. The antlers suit Suky!!

  4. Your reverse advent has been inspiring, especially the doing for others part. Perhaps you could remind us all before next years advent and then we can try and join in? Happy Christmas! xx

  5. cute!
    have a great xmas & a happy new year!

  6. Suky's antlers are adorable! Happy Christmas!


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