Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Questions,Questions, Questions

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These questions are tripping their way around blogland at the moment so I thought I'd join in  :-)

1)  Do you like blue cheese?
Only in soups or quiches ... on it's own it's just yuk!!

2)  Have you ever smoked?
Yes, from being pretty young until I was 27 and pregnant ... doing it for my baby made it easy to give up.
3)  Do you own a gun?  
Lovely Hubby owns a high powered air rifle and I'm a crack shot with it ... you tell me what to hit and I'll hit it :-)

4)  What flavor of Kool Aid is your favorite?
I have never tried this .... I don't think I want to!!

5)  Do you get nervous before dental appointments?
Not as much as I used to :-)

6)  What do you think of hot dogs?
As furry bodies snoring in front of the fire they are lovely and I wouldn't be without any of them ... as an edible foodstuff, very questionable!!

7)  What's your favorite Christmas movie?
Scrooge, in all it's formats ... EXCEPT the Muppet version.

8)  What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

9)  Can you do push-ups?
Yes, how many would you like ...... please don't ask for more than 10 :-)

10)  What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
My four rings, wedding, engagement, little silver one and inherited gold one from my friend.  They never leave my fingers.


11)  What's your favorite hobby?
Reading ..... books. magazines, brochures ... if it's written I will read it.

12)  Do you have A.D.D.?
Only if you are droning on and on and on ......  I'm quick on the uptake, I need to be told things once clearly and concisely and I will never forget, if you go on and on and on I zone out completely.

13)  Do you wear glasses or contacts?
I had my eyes lasered years ago, so only for close work now.    

14)  What's your middle name?
I don't have one.

15)  What are your thoughts at this moment?
I'm wondering why I am actually answering these questions!    

16)  Name 3 drinks you regularly consume.
Coffee, water and white wine .... hic ;-)

17)  What is a current worry of yours?
The amount of racism that is becoming evident in this country due to recent events.      

18)  What do you currently hate?

19)  Where is your favorite place to be?
Six Arches Caravan Site in Scorton. 

20)  What do you plan on doing on New Year's Eve this year?
Watching films on television at home with wine and nibbles, and then bed just after midnight.  In my opinion the best way to celebrate the end of an old year and wake refreshed to a lovely new one.

21)  To where would you like to travel?
Right round the UK coastline and then zig zag through the centre.     

22)  Name three people you think will do this questionnaire on their
I have no idea, lots of blogging buddies have done this already.  If you haven't and fancy doing it let me know ... I would love to read YOUR answers.     

23)  Do you own slippers?
Yes, we always wear either slippers or Crocs indoors depending on how cold our feet are.

24)  What color shirt are you wearing?
Blue, red and cream check .... I love shirts, I live in shirts and jeans :-)  

25)  Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
I've never tried .... although I once slept on nylon sheets.  
gather electricity easily and  I have fine hair and .... it was very long at the time, by morning the amount of static I had generated was amazing .... I had a pale brown afro that was almost a foot high!!    

26)  Can you whistle?
Yes, except when I need to ... then I dry up ... it's frustrating at times    

27)  What is your favorite color?
Green, green and green, did I mention I love green.  The colour of nature, of life and of calmness.  I love it.

28)  What songs do you sing in the shower?
I'm not in there long enough to even think of a song, and anyway I try not to sing out loud ... I have a dreadful singing voice :-(

29)  Would you be a pirate?
  Yes, if I could wear an eye patch and say 'arr Jim lad' regularly  ;-)

30)  What's in your pocket right now?
A poo bag (empty) and a bit of fluff ... where does all the fluff come from?

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31)  What's the last thing that made you laugh?
I laugh frequently ..... it's usually the dogs antics.  Laughter in your day is what makes life worth living.  If there's nothing funny happening look in the mirror and pull faces ... it makes me smile anyway ;-)

32)  What vehicle do you drive?
A white Fiat 500, which is great and very economical for day to day outings with me and the dogs ... think doggy mobile and you've got it about right, back seat for them and front seat kept clean for me.  If we need anything more than two bags of Layers Pellets  I wait until Lovely Hubby is around and use his vehicle which is a Mitsubishi L200  

33)  What's the worst injury you've ever had?
I cut my ankle falling over on some rocks, you could see the bone ... YUK!!

34)  Do you love where you live?
No ... I like it, but I don't love it.

35)  Would you change your first name if you could?
No, I love being called Sue.  
BUT I HATE being called Susan so I guess in a way I have already changed it.  I find it very upsetting if someone calls me Susan after being corrected more than once.

Well then that's those questions answered ... do you fancy having a go?   :-)

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Reverse Advent - Day 16

A jar I got from a car boot sale.

Sue xx


  1. Ha, ha, ha.......your answer to the satin sheets question had me laughing out loud.

  2. I was always called Sue when we lived down south, but in the north, everyone calls me Susan.

  3. haha lots of laugh out loud moments there for me. :) I needed a good laugh, we're melting here in South Australia... the second day over 38 degrees with another two days of 40 plus to go. sigh... think of me when you're putting another log on your fire.

  4. Yes, the thought of you with an Afro made me laugh too :)

  5. Its a great little quiz. I enjoyed doing it. Its surprising the similarities between us bloggers.

  6. Hi Susan, are you well Susan?, is the weather good there today Susan? :-) (better stop before you black list me!!) Luckily there are few people left who call me Susan. when I tell myself off I still use it and sound like my mum!

    1. That's you off my Christmas card list then :-(

  7. Sue, you are the first person I've heard of who also does not have a middle name. My mom said she couldn't think of one she liked. So I've always been Linda "none".

  8. Phew, I was exhausted just reading all those questions. Bravo. Surprised at no 34. But then when I think about it my answer would probably be the same.

  9. Do you think you will love it when Lovely Hubby is able to give up the day job and not have to leave every Monday?

    1. I will like it more, but the house and land will still be the same.

  10. I thought you loved where you live too. Were you thinking of the actual small holding, or the area, when you answered? I've seen this a few times in blog land now, think I'm going to have a go :)

    1. Both I think, although at the time of answering I was thinking more of the house and land. I really do like where we live and will like it even more when LH is here full time, but sadly I don't love it.

  11. I dont have a middle name either and stopped smoking when i was 26 and pregnant best thing i ever did xxx

  12. Some interesting questions - and answers - there, Sue; I might have a go at that myself. Like others, I was also surprised that you don't love where you live - so I have to ask . . where would you LOVE to live? I have moved house many times but 18 months ago I was sensible and came here, where the village has a regular bus service, a thriving shop, a surgery, Post Office, cashpoint and most of the things I might need if/when I can no longer drive. I absolutely love the county (Cornwall) but I hate having to be sensible and would LOVE to live in a cottage within sight and sound of the sea, no close neighbours and just my dog for company.

  13. I decided to give it a go as you can see here.


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