Friday, 7 February 2014

Thank You

What can I say, after my 'Shameless Plea' of yesterday you were absolutely wonderful.  The votes poured in and this morning I am absolutely stunned by the number I have received.
Thank you seems so inadequate, but I'll say it anyway - THANK YOU :-)
Of course it's not all over until the end of the month, so I'll be nipping back to check my position, no doubt a lot more often than is actually healthy!!
It's been a long week this week without Lovely Hubby around and now he's home we are getting on with some more jobs about the place.  Outside jobs if, fingers crossed by any chance it's dry, if not we have things to do inside the house and inside the new shed to move things along.
We're also going to nip out and buy a mini polytunnel type thing to tide us over until we have the planning permission for the real thing.  I need somewhere to start things off and we have a secluded spot up on the edge of the woods that will not be too visible from the road, although there won't be much light there in Summer it will be ideal as a starter spot for seedlings while the trees are bare and the light can get through.
Thanks again for your magnificent support yesterday, fingers crossed I win some cereal, I must add that to the rules of my challenge.  I am allowed to enter competitions etc to win supplies, yes in fact I think I'll nip over and add that in now and start watching out for more things I can do to win food.
Have a good weekend.
Sue xx


  1. I hope you win & it is looking likely you will do!

  2. I just checked and you're in the lead by miles! Can your reader's put your blog and the link to vote on their blogs or is that against the rules? After all it's all fair in love and war!! To be honest it'll give me something to post about other than this blasted rain!!

    1. I think they can. I've not really studied the rules to be honest.

      The rain is getting very boring isn't it and very noisy overnight here, but at least we've not suffered like some of the poor souls around the country.

  3. Do not attempt to erect a 60' tunnel greenhouse when 1000 ft up in a howling gale in January!!!!!! That is what we did when I lived there. Needed to erect it and ex husband told me to grab hold of one end (ha) whilst he had the other. A guest of wind just took it out of my hand, there's nothing to grip to. Not much damage apart from a few thorn nips.

    Good luck with it for you.

  4. Glad to be of help, you deserve it :)



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