Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Perfect Life ?

This comment on yesterdays post got me thinking, really thinking, thank you.
Your home looks lovely, and I love all the posts you do about your beautiful dogs, you look like you have the most perfect life.
*** *** ***
It's not perfect, no life is.
We work hard, extremely hard for what we are achieving and we are making enormous sacrifices to get to where we want to be.  I record what we do and what we have on this Blog to keep us motivated and to give us a record of how we are progressing.
Our home is lovely (and thank you for saying that), I think it's getting even more lovely because it's starting to look a little bit knocked about.  It doesn't always show in the pictures but there are now scuffs on the paintwork, little bits of chewed areas where the dogs have nibbled.  Scrubbed patches on the rugs where they have had accidents and the faint aroma in the conservatory of wet dog mixed with the aroma coming from the cat's bowl of tuna. 
But it's home and we love it.

We are making it together, it is the place we all come back to.  Me from the shops or from scrubbing out the henhouse, from walking the dogs through wet country lanes or along windswept promenades. Lovely Hubby from work or outings to wood yards or DIY stores or those other 'man' places he visits usually dragging me along with the promise of a Costa coffee.  The dogs come back here after diving head long down rabbit holes (yes, Rosy... we know where you go) and where Ginger the cat comes back to after a night hunting wildlife and dragging it through the catflap to delight us with his larder filling skills.

Home ..... we're building it between us, all of us .... humans and animals alike.  Thank you for watching our progress and commenting on it.  Thank you for loving our shade of green, I'm noticing more and more in the photos that appear as I check my Blog posts that we are very 'green' and still I love it.

We don't have the most perfect life, we have the life that we are making for ourselves.   It's not all sunshine and roses, it's also mud, despair and tears, but what we do have and what is most perfect is a deep, loyal and profound love for each other.  Whatever life throws at us we whinge about, we have a moan and sometimes a cry, we stamp our feet (this is mostly describing me if I'm honest), and then we do what we can to keep moving forward and making things better.

I guess you would just call it LIFE.

Sue xx


  1. Well said Sue ; You have had much more than most of trials and Stresses;;
    . and you have kept me and your lovely sons afloat as well ;

  2. Bless you you lovely pair of people xxx
    Good luck with everything you do. Hugs to doggies and kitty too. :)

  3. You're right - it's life, but maybe the comment is more about how you seem to approach that life! With gusto, compassion and a wonderful generosity of spirit. I fell uplifted every time I visit - and that's perfect!
    P xxxxx

  4. I don't think anyone has the perfect life. We all have day to day problems to deal with. It's how you deal with them that counts.

  5. I've noticed while reading frugal blogs, just how important home is to most of our bloggers; home, family, pets and less emphasis on money, consumerism, living up to an image. I think that's why so many people love reading blogs like yours Sue. My upbringing was far from easy and in my teens, we lost everything, including our home. My ambition, from an early age, was to buy my own home so that I had security and a place to come back to every day. We have moved all the way round the country due to transfers and redundancies and ill health, we have made massive sacrifices but the one thing we have is our own. lovely home. It's no show home; the paintwork is a bit tatty from kids and animals (shouldn't have painted it cream!!), the kitchen cupboard doors don't hang straight, the lawn is full of holes and piddle stains from the dogs (my son says the holes are brilliant for a round of putting), nothing in our house is new - it is full of hand me downs and things from years ago and memories - there are home made and hand made things, books EVERYWHERE, kitchen is tiny but because we do all our own cooking and only get to the shops once a week it is overflowing, but it's home and it's ours (or will be in 5 years time if we keep up the massive overpayments). Home matters a lot to us because no matter what life throws at you outside ie at school, work etc, you can come home to each other with your own belongings and close the door on it all. Lovely post - thank you x

  6. Nothing is ever really perfect. You have been recording your hopes & dreams here for many years & it's wonderful to see them happening but we all know the hard work which has gone into achieving it all.

    I still can't get to write a new post & very frustrating.

  7. While it may not be perfect & what is? I've still enjoy reading about your lovely life.

  8. it doesn't sound perfect, but is does sound good! smiles!

  9. It does sound like a good life Sue, and you're right, nothing is ever perfect. Glad you are enjoying your new home so much though.

  10. I think it's all about the journey as well as the destination. You are both building the life you want to lead and you know where you want to get to. It's about a meaningful life and cooking fresh eggs from chickens and collecting food from your garden is so satisfying. Well done to you both! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  11. Reading this really helped me today, our house is much, much less than perfect, but we're safe here, it's full of laughter and noise and chaos, would I rather have a perfect life which would probably be sterile without children and dogs or would I rather have what I've got.? Reading this made me realize and appreciate what I have x

  12. I wouldn't want a perfect would be dull.
    Jane x

  13. "I guess you would just call it LIFE."

    And that's why I love visiting.

  14. and I love reading about it xx

  15. I've been thinking of you, LH and your clan in this weather! I hope to goodness you and yours are safe n stay safe. The news I see of Wales is dreadful. Bad enough here in Dorset.
    Take care lovely people. Xxx

  16. Hope you are safe with all this horrific weather:( sending you a hug . Lots of love Karan xx


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