Saturday, 15 February 2014

Keeping Cosy

The dogs have got the right idea on the wild and rainy days.  After breakfast and a quick run round the paddock they take to their beds and while away most of the morning snoozing and keeping an eye on Mum pottering in the kitchen.
Rosy couldn't even bring herself to look up for a photo ...
... but these two little posers could.
Have a warm and cosy weekend if you can, the weather is set to get even worse in these parts, we are venturing out only when we have to.   There's nothing wrong with hours spent reading, planning and watching some inspiring films.
Sue xx


  1. They look very cosy on their little beds. I think rainy days are a great excuse to read a book or knit without feeling guilty. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. they have the right idea. You guys have had your fair share of rotten weather, it's been a bad winter weather wise.

  3. Loving your header !
    Aww they are looking so sweet and cozy , aren't they.

  4. I think its the safest thing to only venture out if you really need to, the wind is just crazy. The dogs have definitely got it right!

  5. Is there room for me? I could do with a nap.
    Jane x

  6. Just cuddling my girl to sleep. No better place to be when it's horrible outside!

  7. Thought we were having a day without rain...............but no, it's just started again, and the wind is so strong and cold.
    Best place is indoors for humans and dogs

  8. You need another bed. Doris looks a bit squashed.

    1. Don't worry Ilona they have a bed each AND a spare available to use at all times, but they tend to chose to sleep one in one bed and two in the other during the day, and it can be any combinations of the dogs and also on occasion Ginger the cat.

      Mavis and Suky tend to both sleep in the other bed in the conservatory at night as it's cooler in there and they seem to like each others body heat but a cooler room around them. However at night Rosy sleeps by the Aga in the bed that Suky and Mavis are pictured in here sensible dog :-)

      It's confusing to us, but seems to keep them amused.

      I don't have a Doris .... but you might tempt me ..... it would be a brilliant name for another Pug!!

  9. They are cute and have definitely got the right idea in this grim weather.

  10. Oh to be a dog! Mine have to be kicked out into the garden, they don't like getting their little feet wet!

  11. Our giant cat is as big as your dogs! Don't tell anyone but he sleeps on our bed!

  12. Awww, it's wonderful how Rosy and Suky have accepted Mavis in to the fold, they all look the best of friends.

  13. They do look very cosy all together. Mavis has settled in well hasn't she


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