Friday, 28 February 2014

Frank the Pug

After my doggy post of yesterday I feel I really have to do this one today.
I know what I would feel like if my gorgeous girl Suky had been stolen, so my heart goes out to Frank's owner Phil.  Imagine coming back to your van when you have just nipped into the supermarket for a quick shop and your beloved pet was no longer there.
Frank had only been in the left in van for the fifteen minutes it took him to grab some essentials, because Phil had been burgled three weeks earlier at home and he didn't want to risk leaving his beloved pet in the house by himself.  How cruel is the hand of fate sometimes.
Today there are around fifty Pug owners and their Pugs visiting Asda to give the thief someone to hand Frank back to.   The idea is that we will all be wandering round with our Pugs and if someone comes up to us with a Pug we simply take it and return it to it's rightful owner.  No prosecution, no questions asked, we are just trying to get Frank home where he belongs, at his Masters side.
Photo: "Share" if you agree! <3 -- I Love Pugs --
Yes, me and Suky are travelling to Manchester to help in any way we can, and my lovely, lovely Mum and brother are going to meet me there to see what is going to be a rather large gathering of Pugs and hopefully tucked away in their midst will be little Frank.

A link to the Please Find Frank the Pug Facebook page
Fingers crossed for a happy ending to this sad tale.
Sue xx


  1. This makes me very angry and very sad at the same time grrrr. Good luck today Sue. I hope to goodness someone gets handed Frank today.


  2. Aaahh that's sad, I hope Frank is returned safe. Good luck today

  3. This is awful. I heard a story not long ago of a dog being taken from outside the library near to where we live and as a consequence I just don't like to leave our little dog anywhere. This is even scarier as this dog was stolen from inside a locked van. Some thieves are very determined, which makes you wonder if they're not stealing to order or something similar. I really hope this guy gets his little dog back.

    There was a story here recently where a dog was stolen from it's owner when it ran off in the park. It did eventually get returned when a house was raided by the police and the dog turned out to be in the house. I was so pleased for the owner to get her dog back.

  4. So sad, some pugs were stolen near us last year, their owners desperate to get them back still have signs everywhere asking for their return, no questions asked.

  5. There was a report of men going around in a battered red van to dog walking places and just getting dogs to come to them and trying to get them into their van! Luckily on this occasion they failed. I hope this story has a happy ending, please keep us posted! There are some very wicked people about!

  6. Oh what a shame.
    I do hope that the thief returns him back today. Good luck.

    X x

  7. Why do people have to be so bloody mean! ... I do hope little Frank is found and returned to his owner... good luck

  8. Nice to see that you have a plan and folk to make it happen with you. The very best of luck.
    Let us know how you get on

  9. Oh my...Poor chap and Frank...thats up my way i will share the facebook page...fingers crossed he is returned...xx

  10. Oh I hope he gets him back, it would just break my heart if our pet were stolen.

  11. I do hope this has a happy ending! Well done you for joining in….probably quite a journey for you ?

  12. How terrible. Keeping my fingers crossed for Frank's safe return.

  13. I do hope Frank is found safe and well.

  14. I do hope it appeals to the theifs' good side and little Frank is returned.
    The power of a blogger community is not to be underestimated along with Pug owners!
    Paws crossed for a safe return home for Frank! xxx

  15. Very sad that they were burgled at home and then the pet stolen....great to see the community getting behind it all. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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