Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lots of Pugs .... but Still No Frank !!

It was a brilliant day yesterday, but unfortunately poor Frank is still missing.  Lots of Pugs and their human friends turned up to show solidarity with Phil and raise awareness of the fact that Frankie is still missing.  So many folk had already seen posters read the Facebook page and heard about what had happened and took more posters from us to spread the word even further. 
Asda were brilliant letting us wander round their car park,  putting posters in their staff canteen and letting us have the large van that Frank was stolen from last week parked up near the entrance covered in posters and playing the tune 'Frankie' over and over again.

Suky fell in love with a lovely old one eyed Pug.

This little Chug (Chihuahua cross Pug) was there with his Mum to show support as was the most gorgeous Standard Poodle wearing a jacket emblazoned with posters.

Towards the end of the first couple of hours tired Pugs were placed in shopping trolleys for a rest.

And some more youngsters arrived with their owner.
Everyone worked really hard handing out flyers, chatting to people and raising awareness of poor Frank's plight. 
There is a huge £1000 reward for anyone to hand him in and get him back to his original owner Phil, who is absolutely heartbroken to be apart from his beloved pet, friend and little furry soulmate.  There will be no questions asked  and no police involvement. The thief will NOT get this much money by selling Frank on so he can make himself a lot wealthier by simply handing him back!!
We just want Frank back where Fran belongs with Phil.
Sue xx


  1. Awww I truly hope he does get his beloved dog back.
    Sending out a little prayer for his safe return.
    I would be beside myself in deep grief if one of my dogs went missing .

  2. I hope the person who took him sees the signs and brings him back. how sad.

  3. I thought of you today; while out walking our two dogs, we met two elderly Pugs. They have such cute little faces. Hope Frank turns up safe and well, and well done all you Pug owners for turning out to offer support x

  4. Such a shame Frank didn't turn up. I do hope his owner gets him back x

  5. I do hope he's returned safe and sound. Keep us posted!

  6. So nice that so many people turned out to show support. I do hope he turns up safe and well very soon.

    X x

  7. Hoping Frank is left somewhere and returned to his rightful owner. Pets are very special family members. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. It's sad that Frank hasn't been found yet, I'm sure you all made a huge presence the other day.

  9. I'm so sad when I hear about dog thefts. I hope they find Frank x

  10. Any news on Frank? ive shared the facebook page etc, but was hoping you may of had some new news? xx


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