Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I Did It ... Thanks to You

Well thanks to you lovely lot I DID IT .... won the February Little Blog of the Month Award over at Dorset Cereals.
Woop, woop ... does happy little jiggy dance all around the office
And this morning in the post this little treasure arrived.  They are handmade by Lara in the Dorset Cereals office and now added to the one I won back in December of 2012 we have a matching pair to keep mine and Lovely Hubby's eggs warm.
Soft boiled eggs for breakfast tomorrow then :-)
THANK YOU to each and everyone who took the time to vote for me and if I can return the favour just let me know.
Sue xx


  1. How many can you sit around your breakfast table? ;-)

  2. Fantastic news - very well done! x

  3. I'm super pleased for you. I really look forward to reading your posts, you deserved to win.

    Jean x

  4. Brilliant. That will help the £365 stretch too. Are you sure that's an egg cosy, it would look cute on a hen ;-)

  5. Well done Sue, I hope you got another year's supply of breakfast cereal too!!

  6. Well done and well deserved!


  7. Congratulations....small things provide big happiness....ahhh the simple life. Have a great day. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. well done Sue - Do you get another bumper box of cereals?

  9. It could not have gone to a more deserving home. Even though I have been green with envy since you moved to Wales I had to vote for you. My own move begins to look as though it will be sooner rather than later.


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