Saturday, 15 March 2014

Chicken at the Window, Spade in the Hand

There was a tap, tap tapping at the kitchen window this morning as we sat eating our poached eggs on toast.  As usual Angel was out and about and having a nosey.
With a flap of her wings she was away just after I had grabbed the camera and got a couple of shots of the cheeky little madam.  She's taken to flying over the fence to lay her eggs again.  I found a little clutch in a pile of leaves behind the plants I was transplanting yesterday.  As we were unsure of how old they were I threw them over the fence for the chickens to have a treat, Lovely Hubby was rather dismayed when they turned out to be perfectly fresh and beautifully formed ..... but the chickens were very grateful :-)

It's lovely to have the odd chicken roaming around the place again, even if they are supposed to be behind the fence, luckily they all take themselves back once the wanderlust has been fed.
There's lots of little but very effective jobs going on this weekend and hopefully there will be some more pictures to share with you by Monday.  Spades, trellis and new gorgeous plants are involved ....  and I may even have a washing line soon :-)
Sue xx


  1. You could of always have checked the freshness of the eggs using a bowl of water, but as you say at least the chickens had a treat.

    1. I could have done, but I had muddy wellies on and dirty gardening gloves ... so much easier to simply lob them over the fence. Especially since I already had 4 dozen eggs in the fridge !!

  2. Im on my ipad tonight and the title of your blog was our new wife in the country, ha ha. Funny chicken!!!

  3. Haha cheeky chicken indeed.. don't they make you laugh with the antics they get up to! :o)

  4. There's nothing like a lovely hen pecking around cheekily !

  5. Lovely view from your kitchen window. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Love your posts so much, I do miss my chicks & all their characters. People found it hard to believe they used to tap at the back door when I got home from work :-) xx

  7. Chickens in e window
    The best view ever


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