Monday, 3 March 2014

Let Sleeping Cats Lie ...

When you go upstairs to change the bedding sometimes you simply have to postpone the job and let sleeping cats lie.

He knows he's not allowed on the bedding, usually once the bed has aired for an hour or so we throw over a patchwork quilt for the animals to lie on.  But the other day knowing I was about the strip the bed straight after breakfast I didn't bother.

I thought Ginger was outside but when I went upstairs to get the sheets ready for washing a certain handsome ginger boy was tucked up all cosy and cute.

So I left the bed until later.

You can almost read his thoughts here ....
"Are you going to go away and leave me in peace again now .....

... I'm really very tired."
He got an couple of extra hours snoozing and for once I remembered to go and change the bedding before bedtime came around again  :-)
Sue xx


  1. He looks very, very happy in the bottom photo.

  2. Pop to the shop and treat him to a scotch egg!

  3. What a gorgeous little face x Butter wouldn't melt !

  4. Can see who rules the roost, or should I say bed here!

  5. Gorgeous baby, every home needs a cat or three!

  6. Awww bless.. he looks so cute & comfy curled up. He is a very handsome boy.

  7. I always leave them....and I have four cats & three beds !

  8. cats rule, wasn't a coincidence of ginger's timing, am sure he knew was watching for the perfect moment! grin!

  9. I often make the bed around the cat.... just can't stand disturbing her!

  10. It's against the law to disturb a cat!
    Jane x


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