Sunday 28 October 2012

Our Favourite Guests

Our favourite guests are the ones that muck in with what we are doing, make themselves at home in our house, don't mind rumaging through cupboards to find themselves a snack, take over the washing up of pots after a lovely family meal, basically the sort that don't come to be waited on hand and foot.  They come to see us, to  see our home and our animals and to have a break from their normal lives.  No one else in either of our families has land, chickens, geese and the sort of life that we lead.  They all have busy lives but doing other things.
Mum and Dad always used to come and simply get stuck in whether it was with the chickens or the Rare Breed pigs we used to breed, nothing was too much trouble or a job they wouldn't try.  Vast areas used to be weeded and watered by Mum, tomato plants would be brought under control and neatly strung by Dad, the patio would be weeded and ironing done, any job that they noticed needed doing would be done, and best of all not from a sense of duty but simply because they wanted to help.  Lovely Hubby's Mum once spent half a day washing our whole potato crop as we dug them up because she wanted to see a job well done before she left for home.
It was and is always so very appreciated

This weekend Lovely Hubby's  youngest sister is staying with us, and up to now she has done virtually all of the things listed above and she also got roped in with raking up vast quantities of leaves for my huge leaf mulch basket,

painting the Man Shed with her big brother ...
..and being checked out on a regular basis by the Geese who always need to know that strange folk on the farm are indeed friendly.  Living simply means that when there are jobs to be done we, and whoever is here with us, simply get on and do them.
The dogs and cats love her to bits and she is usually to be found after a hard days labour sitting on the sofa, wine glass in hand and a lap full of warm snoring little furry friends.
It's been a good weekend up to now, how's yours going?
Sue xx


  1. that sounds like my kinda guest too- and now I've cleared a bit of room we'll have some to stay!

    Having a great w.e here, off to watch a dressage competition in a mo with the idea of taking Bruce to the next one (scary) and then on to Wimborne Food Festival which is a free event in our local town...then I think snuggy afternoon in front of the fire while Mark watches the Grand Prix and then back to stables to muck out and put Bruce to bed.

    Perfect autumn weather

  2. Looks like a lot of fun at your place, can I volunteer to walk the dogs :o)

  3. I am with you with the guests, so much nicer all round than one person working their socks off while still worrying about how to entertain the guests.. And what fun it all sounds. Glad you had a good weekend together. We had family to dinner on Friday and spent yesterday freezing with no gas while the gas board mended a leak! But all snugly and warm now and off to do some sewing in my new sewing room. Bliss!

  4. They say change is good as a rest so doing the chores at yours would be a great change for a lot of people.

    One holiday, my brother helped hubby paint a boat !

  5. What a wonderful SIL you have!

    My parents are just the same. Always helping out.

    I am truly blessed.

    Sft x

  6. You really do have a wonderful sister in law!

  7. Sounds a wonderful weekend Sue. I'd totally agree with you on favourite guests.

    Thanks for another peek at the geese (love those girls). I can just imagine them coming by to check up. They always need to know what's going on too!

  8. Sounds lovely, my Mum always irons a few of hubby's shirts and rearranges my cupboards, then throws a few scones together before she goes home :)
    Twiggy x

  9. I love those type of guests too. Unthrifty sister was hinting at coming for tea on Saturday as her partner was away camping and as we've grown up believing one good turn deserves another I made the main meal on the condition she brought desert, homemade chocolate cheesecake. She also helped with the clearing away afterwards. A very enjoyable evening.

    It's so nice when there are people in your life who feel comfortable with whatever you ask of them xx

  10. I completly understand what you mean about those who come and muck in. I have just googled country blogs and yours was the first that came up and I am so glad I came across it. We also have visitors who stay and muck in with washing up, tidying, DIY and general helping out. But we have always seen it as a 'put down' that they dont think that we can cope with family life and trying to live the simplier life. But reading this article has made me re-think it, We should not feel guilty or inadequate by their offers of help and I will now welcome it with open arms. Your blog has truely inspired me and I cant wait to read more.

  11. Sounds like you have a loving caring family. :)

  12. Sounds just perfect to me! I gave my friend a big box of buttons this weekend and she made some button magnets up whist we caught up over a cuppa in the workshop! Must remember to leave the washing up for her to do later............
    Sarah x

  13. I can't imagine what sort of person would visit and not expect to help with the stuff that needs doing in any case - like you though, I'd rather have the other type as a house-guest!


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