Friday 5 October 2012

....and then the sun came back!!

Moments after publishing the last Blog post the sun came back.  It lit up the damp earth and made the world seem such a lovely place again.  You can't beat a few rays of sunshine to lift your spirits.
Stood at the back door to take this photo as a follow on for yesterdays published one I was struck by the birdsong coming from the woodland that surrounds us.  The birds were obviously as happy as me to see the sun shining again.
So I took this little film mainly for the soundtrack.

Hope you enjoy the view and the sounds from our back door.
Sue xx


  1. Lovely, a bit of sun really does give everyone a lift.

  2. Fantastic, can't beat a bit of birdsong to brighten your day!

  3. Sue, it still looks like summer there!
    Jane x

  4. You certainly can't beat the birdsong, it's one of the nicer things about living in the middle of a wood! Your garden is looking smashing. Is that a summer house you've got at the bottom? J.

  5. I agree with Jane, very summer like.



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