Thursday 4 October 2012

Dodging the Rain

Yesterday was spent dodging the rain.  One minute there was sunshine and a relative warmth and the next, well look at the picture.  Our world turned grey and wet within seconds.
As rain cascaded off the gutters and spooked the dogs, I was busy tipping these beauties, that I'd grabbed between showers into Lovely Hubby's big tray of windfalls ready for the next batch of cider and apple juice making next week.
I must have dashed out over to the chickens 3 or 4 times yesterday alternatively opening and closing their paddling pool (which is full of sieved soil for dust bathing purposes). I gave up in the end and left it closed.  The temperatures plummeted and the best thing to do, in between showers of course, was to fill the log basket ready for a cosy night in front of the log burner.

Today started with a layer of frost over the patio, but now the sun is shining and the steam is rising as everything warms up in its welcome rays, and yes the paddling pool is open to the sunshine to dry off after yesterdays intermittent wetting and I feel the need to use some of the apples for myself.
Ready for my Frugal in October challenge,  last week I decided to use a voucher that I've had tucked away for ages, it was a freebie with my last order and I thought I would use it to get some more foil containers from Lakeland to prepare a batch of crumbles, some for Lovely Hubby to eat next week and the rest to stay in the freezer to preserve some of these lovely apples for later in the year.  Let's hope they arrive today because I feel a warm kitchen coming on this afternoon filled with the aroma of cooking apples and rhubarb, maybe one crumble won't even make it into the freezer and then there'll be Apple Crumble for supper.
Mmmm .... now there's a warming thought.
Sue xx


  1. Torrential rain here yesterday too... I had to abandon pottering in the greenhouse when it started coming in through the roof. Yet another job!

    Love the sound of your warm kitchen... Mmmm indeed.

  2. Just look at that's coming down in stair rods!!
    Jane x

  3. We had the same yesterday - luckily I managed to avoid the showers - I was safely at work all afternoon and it stopped just before I left - must have been my lucky day :)

  4. Your place looks really secluded and lovely even in the rain shower

  5. Love the picture of your garden.

    Sorry but we have had bright sunshine for the past two days, its due to rain tomorrow but the weekend should be fine, so I will be going through the laundry bin and getting a wash on the whirly.

  6. The terrible deluge nearly spoiled my outing plans. Had brilliant sunshine today and was enjoying a Sussex cycling tour!

  7. love, love Lakeland, can't get enough of that store.


  8. Big rain at our place after a very warm day for spring. I am looking lovingly at my change tin, I bought it on Boxing Day and each day gets me closer to the 3rd December. I can't wait to open it, the last 2 months will be the hardest, thank-you for the great idea rolling on December.

  9. I had a walk in beautiful sunshine, put two loads of washing out then the heavens opened !

  10. Your place looks lovely even with the rain. We are having the same type of weather here, hot one day, cold the next and lot's of rain. But that's typical spring weather for here.

  11. Oh, how I do wish you had a label for all your CIDER posts (chopping, juicing, brewing, etc.). I've been reading them all along and now think I'm ready to try it myself. Now I can't find them all...

    Lovely shot of the gardens in the rain.


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