Tuesday 30 October 2012

Living Simply and Raiding the Freezer

Living simply really does make me happy at the moment, although the veggies weren't brilliant at growing this year, thanks mainly to the wet, wet weather and of course Bambi and his friends discovering the 'snack bar' that I call the Veggie Patch early on in the season, we are still eating lots of homegrown things, mainly from last year and believe it or not the year before.  The benefits of a large chest freezer are not to be sneezed at.
Even over the weekend with an extra mouth to feed the freezer stash did not go down too rapidly.  I am just about to make up the menu plan for ths week, a day late but I did add this Monday to last weeks menu plan so I am still up to date.
I am trying to use up the 'odds and sods' from the freezers first so that there is space and freed up freezer boxes ready for re-use.  We have now eaten all the home made soups from the freezer so I feel a soup making session coming on one day this week and the empty boxes will be used for freezing extra portions.  You can't beat homemade soup on these chilly, damp days, especially when it's served with a homemade bread roll or two.
What's with the ball of wool and the crochet hook in the photo at the top of this post I hear some of your asking, well this little ball of cotton type wool was in amongst a lot of mohair wool in a box in the charity shop and I asked how much it was as it was all on it's own, 10p the lady replied, so I snapped it up and when I have a bit of time later will sit and make myself a dishcloth.  I've been wanting to have a go at this for a while and have never seen any suitable yarn on my charity shop visits up to now, so I will see how this works and may even buy some more to make myself a stash of cloths for when my bought ones run out.  I may not be the world's best crocheter but I can make a good square!! The crochet hook?  This was the one I leant to crochet with sat at my Gran's side many, many years ago.
Simple living at it's best.
Sue xx


  1. It is so nice and cosy to sit down to a bowl of home made soup and roll. I love the simple life and, although I am an urbanite, I do grow my own fruit and veggies as well as enjoy recycling. I am about to make some preserves, pickles and marmalades as Christmas Presents for friends and family within the next few days. Good luck with the crocheting x

  2. Simple is best.
    And you can't beat homemade soup with homemade bread!
    I'd never thought of making a dishcloth. If it works, and I'm sure it will, do let us see..

  3. I make my own dishcloths and I love them.
    Jane x

  4. hello
    i think the same......simple life is the best
    i love making soup and today i have baked a bread. i make knitting dishcloths and i love them.
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  5. I make crochet dishcloths, my hubby thought I was mad when I was making the first lot, but now a year later and the first ones are still in constant use he is a convert!

  6. Thats a fab freezer! Good luck with the crochet, I've forgotton how to do it now but did find it easier than knitting!
    Sarah x

  7. We are having home made soup every week now. Leek and potato is my favourite. Infact I could eat soup every day.

    Love the special memories associated with the crochet hook, very precious.

    Wool was a great charity shop find.

    We have 2 medium sized freezers-they are very useful.

    Sft x

  8. I blogged about crocheted dishcloths earlier this week - the yarn is available in our local shop - one 100g ball for about £1.70 - you can get 3 or even 4 cloths from one ball and they last so much better than the shop ones :)

  9. We love homemade soup served with rolls which are still warm from the oven. I often make it at lunchtimes for J - tomato and red lentil is our current favourite - spiced up with a hint of chili it's just perfect on cold, damp days. I've been knitting my own dishcloths for a few years now - they are so much more hard wearing, and get relegated to cleaning cloths for the bathroom or floor cloths when they don't look good enough to use in the kitchen anymore. I've been lucky enough to find lots of cotton yarn in the charity shops and carboot sales - I have dishcloths in a myriad of colours! I have knitting patterns and needles that belonged to my Grandma, and my Mum - it's a lovely connection to have. I felt it particularly when I was knitting baby clothes when I was pregnant with the girls using the very needles and patterns which they'd used to knit for me.

  10. Don't normally freeze my lentil soup, it gets eaten too fast.

    The joys of chest freezers, there's all sorts lurking in the bottom, I found a big pork joint, God knows when it went in there, but it tasted OK, 2 dinners plus sandwiches worth.

  11. I could eat soup everyday (and probably would if it was just me at home!)

  12. When we moved into our cottage we made the decision to try and live a simlier life.. and now I bake bread everyother day, homemade soups and pies and evening meals... I try to up-cycle our clothes and anything really. It is much better then just going out and throwing money at it. You get a great sense of achievement from thinking about it first and making the item from bits and bobs.

    Never thought of making my own dishcloths, must learn to crochet otherwise I might have to knit them xxx

  13. I love the satisfaction of living simply too.Today I had two slow cookers on the go, one cooking a chicken, the other a batch of rice pudding.The chicken has now been stripped and the stock will be used with pulses and veggies to make a batch of soup overnight, also in the slow cooker. Like you I batch cook and freeze.I have two chest freezers in the large shed.

  14. It's soup weather over here as well. Want to learn to crochet in 2013.


  15. Good luck with the dishcloth !


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