Monday 7 June 2010

We are full........

As usual I've planted SO much. I get carried away and it's not until things things get growing or I step back for a minute that I discover that everything is full.....full of life and promise. Full of good food, goodness and good times.
We have had a good weekend, with lots done and lots achieved. We've took the first tentative steps to securing our future on our very own bit of land and we've worked hard on the farm, oh and in between all that we've had some good family time, quality time spent together, sometimes a bit of fun makes the work seem all the more bearable.
The polytunnel is full to bursting.
The strawberry tub is full and flowering.
The wigwam is full of the promisie of Runner Beans to come. Lovely study, climbing plants that are romping away in the sunshine. The furthest raised bed is full of Kale and Broccoli.
The tyres are full - this one of carrots.
The chimney is full - of flowers.
The sink is full of Comfrey.
The bucket is full - of Chives.
The farm is full - full of the sound of contented animals going about their business, pigs arguing with each other, chickens foraging for food and the little Lavender Pekins exploring their new home.
Life is full - and good. Enjoy!
Sue xx


  1. Life is full and good isn't it? Don't you just love this time of year? Fancy you not liking horses?!? Do your horsey lodgers know that you don't like them?

  2. Full to bursting with natural goodness. Well done Sue - you can be proud of yours & lovely hubby's achievements

  3. WOW your garden looks great. I wish we had more room to grow lots of our own veggies. I hope you enjoy eating the fruits of your labour :-)

  4. Yes, it is a great feeling......I am almost there but it's still a little early here. Will plant my runner beans in a day or so.
    Great photos.

  5. Good heavens! You really are full to bursting!!!

  6. It all looks wonderful. My poor old courgettes are only at the 2 leaf stage.

  7. your cup is clearly full. lovely. Love Helen


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