Wednesday 16 June 2010

Meet Rachel Rock Star

Meet Rachel Rock Star.........she's one of the newer girls, bought from a farm sale at the end of May, reared by a young boy who buys day old chicks with his pocket money and sells them at Point of Lay. How did she get her name.....well she's a Black Rock chicken, one day I just knew her name was Rachel, and the next she was being such a little sweetie I said 'you're a star' and there you have it
... Rachel Rock Star!

She runs to greet me, whether she's hungry or not. If I pick up another chicken she wants a cuddle too, if I sit down she wants to sit on my knee, and when I'm cleaning out the chicken house (usually on my knees through the back door) she sits on the back of my legs. When I move from one house to the other she follows me and oversees all the work. Chunnering all the while in her unique little two note call. And then when I've finished she goes and joins the other hens for her breakfast.

A little star is Rachel Rock Star. How do you name yours? Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog yesterday and for becoming a follower :) Rachel is lovely, I think black rocks are really pretty. It's lovely when they are so friendly, ex-bats tend to be a be edgy but you can't blame them really! When we got our first four ladies we named them each. My OH named his Ginger as his surname is Rogers (Ginger Rogers) and she's a Ginger nut ranger, Callum named his Tikka (yes as in Tikka Masala, lots of raised eye brows at the vets when registering them), Hayley named her Tinkerbell as thats her favourite Disney Character and I named mine Tullulah after my favourite handbag shop! We also have had Bella and Suki named after the heroines in two of our favourite books. I love hearing other peoples animals names. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine,
    Lizzyloolaa xxx

  2. Great name! I have four Black Rocks and have just done a post about them. They are such characters.

  3. She sounds almost human!

  4. I love Rachel already! What a beautiful girl and no wonder she is the way she is, brought up so gently by a child.

  5. Well, I don't have chooks but, have cats. For years now I've named them after comedians or comedic actors.
    There is and have been, Sid (James),Harry (Worth),Tessie (O'Shey),Katie (Robbins),Elsie + Doris (Waters), Norman (Wisdom) and Rosie + Sophie (after a stand-up commiedienne at a local theatre).

    Sandie xx

  6. Ah Sue, she is adorable!
    Ours are Betty Vera and Gladys because I wanted proper good 'ladies what talk over the fence' names!
    Sarah x

  7. We have 6 hens and I named them accordingly - the 2 larger brown ones are mabel and Olwyn - we both had an Aunt mabel and Olwyn seemed to be from around the same era. The 2 buff ones are Eva and May! Eva because she is "little" and moves quickly - always there first. may because she "may" follow Eva! The black one is Bev - the mum of the ex-pupil who helped build the hut is a long black haired lady called Bev and the white one is Margie - the lady in the village who gave us the water feeder is called Margie! lol! Strange yet true!


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