Monday, 28 June 2010

A New Cow on the Farm.

Now, temporarily, we have a cow on the farm, but it's not like any cow you've ever seen before and soon it will be painted green.....sulk, sulk!!
Lovely Hubby set me the task of finding a caravan to be used as a shed, to keep the mice off the animal feed and bedding, (they have eaten their way into the wooden shed). So I had a look on Ebay......and what should I see but an advert for a 'Cow-avan'.

Of course me being me, I had to have it, and two hours later I was the proud owner of said Cow-avan

That it matches my lovely little Rosy perfectly is completely coincidental!!
Sue xx


  1. Don't paint it - its gorgeous like that & perfect for a farm/small holding.

  2. I love it too Sue!
    I would love a little caravan. I have seen a few old ones all done up pretty, they look so good.
    I hope the mice do not come to stay!
    Carol x

  3. That's brilliant! I want one! I think you should keep it as as cow-avan, ditch the green!!!

  4. Yes, keep it cow-erful! There's enough green about!

    Sandie xx

  5. Smashing caravan Sue! I agree, it should stay the cow-avan most definately.
    Sarah x

  6. Oh no! Not green! A Cow-avan is perfect for a farm!


  7. Absolutely has to stay as a cow van, it's brilliant!

  8. Hi Sue,

    Really sorry I've not been reading for a while.. keep getting overtaken with work / life / gardening (yes, GARDENING!)

    I love that shed, hilarious. Don't paint it green, it's too quirky for that!

    Mike and I are having a 'shed stand off' at the moment. Don't ask...

    Love the new look to your blog Sue, and that list of 'eating our own' is now huge!

    Love Charlotte

    ps still owe you some pig photos as promised

  9. Hi Sue ..what a cute little caravan ..and very quirky as a few have said .

    Noooooo don't paint it green .. so much green about , everyone paints things green because they are outside .. including fences .. so annoying .. KEEP it as it is :-) :-)

  10. I love it! My beloved husband refuses to be swayed on the idea of a little vintage caravan...but a cow-avan...i've not tried that idea yet!

  11. Too bad it's going to be unique. But what a good idea....and your dog loves it!

  12. Oh, it is too funny! :)

  13. Well as the general opinion seems to be that it stays as a 'cow' I think I am slowly turning LH's mind to it staying as it is!

    (Anyway he hasn't bought the paint yet, and everytime I go out I 'forget' to buy it too!!)

    Sue xx

  14. I need to know .... Did it stay as a cow????


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