Monday 14 June 2010

A Tale of Two Halves

Sometimes when you've let the weeds just get too far, you have to take a deep breath and get stuck in. This is what we've been doing this weekend, a BIG tidy up of the outdoor veggies beds. With all the glorious sunshine over the week before last and then all the soggy, grey rain last week, the weeds have been romping home. Well no more, I am claiming back my veggie beds for my vegetables.
There are onions under there - honest! Told you!!
It was easier to do it a half at a time, although if I'm completely honest......I'm doing the second half today. After the first half, a hot bath and an ice cold cider were the order of the day.
Well, I had already done the lavender bed,
the lettuce and broccoli bed and the sixteen square bed! Now the onions can bask in the sunshine forecast for this week they should be almost ready for harvesting soon. Some of them are looking a very good size, last year we mainly had small ones but this year we should get a nice mix of sizes. On Sunday afternoon after the Farmers Market, we started work on the Sweetcorn patch. Forty plants in - only a hundred more to go!! Sue xx


  1. More parallels with our lives Sue: the weeds here have swamped everything.

    Still, it doesn't take that long to restore order once you get stuck in ... just a week's hard labour!

  2. Oh God, you mentioned weeds and I turned and looked out the window and there are mine - all smiling to me and waving in a healthy manner. A pity the rest of my plants are'nt doing as well.

  3. It's all looking very tidy! I'm getting a bit tired of weeding. Usually, at this time of year, all the weeds have died of the heat... but there's not much heat this year!


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