Friday, 11 June 2010

Pigs for Sale

Martha and Betty
Now is the time to sell some of our pigs. We have decided from now on we will concentrate on breeding from our Large Blacks and we are on the look out for a suitable young boar to compliment our girls bloodline.

Maud and Martha in the background with our Large Blacks.

However, this means that our Berkshire, Betty and our Middle Whites, Maud and Martha are now surplus to requirements. Unfortunately, they are rather too large to be able to keep as pets, (although they are extremely lovable) and having to make our small farm pay is extremely important to our continuing to live 'the good life'.

Betty, a picture perfect Berkshire gilt, fully registered with the BPA.
D.o.B. 09/11/2008

Maud and Martha Middle White gilts, also fully registered with the BPA.

D.o.B June 2009

All our pigs have been handled since they were young and are very playful and personable. Betty is very well mannered and absolutely loves attention. Maud is very gentle and loves to watch you doing anything around the farm. Martha is the dominant sister and a bit more pushy when it comes to food, but she is easily controlled. All the pigs are ready for breeding immediately. They are only available to good homes where they will be loved and treated as well as they have been here. We can deliver locally or arrange for you to come to the farm to see them. They are also advertised for sale locally. It will be first come, first served, as Rare Breed pigs are very in demand at the moment. Berkshires and Middle Whites are both pork pigs and they are all of an age where they could be used for meat. If they are not sold as breeding girls this is what we are going to do. But we thought that first we would give someone the option of breeding from them. For more information please email me. Coming soon (hopefully) baby Lavender Pekin Bantams. Sue xx


  1. Well, that's life!
    I would love Betty in another life!
    That last picture of her at the trough, looks like she is grinning LOL!

    Sandie xx

  2. this time, sadly I really do have to say NO. I think hubby would move onto his boat permanently !

  3. Thankfully my lady is waaay over the water in the USA and can't have one of your lovely pigs! We'd never be able to eat them here anyway. We are big mooshes here. Everything becomes a pet! Since I'm technically a "meat goat" I'm very glad of that!

  4. Hi Sue,

    (Made it at last! Love the blog's new look).

    We're also at that tipping point where everthing either earns money or saves money or it's out! I think the ability to do this ruthlessly is the key to surviving the good life financially...


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